If you’ve ever wasted an afternoon cutting and pasting snippets from multiple documents to create a new presentation or PDF file, you know how frustrating, and mistake prone, the task can be. Let Global Graphics Software’s gDoc Fusion put an end to your cutting and pasting days.

Utilizing gDoc Fusion lets users convert, view and combine over 200 document formats without the need for the source application. The tool takes into account fonts, templates and file types to create one seamless new document. It can do in minutes what it would take hours to do manually.

Users drag the documents into gDoc Fusion, then use the FlickView tool to quickly flip through them. Users then just pick the pages they want and arrange them in any order they like. gDoc Fusion does the rest. The result is a brand new document created in just minutes.

Quick Specs

  • Includes free utility for multi-format file viewing and PDF creation.
  • Users can add comments to documents, make small text edits, or redact information.

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Editor’s Take

Global Graphics Software’s gDoc Fusion can save significant time in creating new presentations and documents. It also reduces errors that can occur when manually cutting and pasting data and text.

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