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The Enterprise Customer Repository: Combining Operational and Analytical Customer Information
Innovative Systems, Inc.
If you build it right, an enterprise customer repository can bring the power of your data warehouse to the front lines of customer communication. Here's how. The days of the unsophisticated, uninformed, easily led customer are long past. Today's consumers realize that they have a multitude of choices regarding delivery channels, product packaging, loyalty rewards, service levels, and, ...
Transforming Customer Relationships
Transforming Customer Relationships and Your Business through Integration: Why Trust Is the New Currency Executive Summary Your company needs to earn the trust of its customers; simply because they are a customer does not entitle you to their trust. How your company builds that trust starts with sales and service, not PR and advertisements. Being able to delight your customer and build trust ...
Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
SafeSoft Solutions Inc
Customers in today’s competitive market place are more demanding than ever before. Your competition is taking aggressive measures to boost their market share by wooing your clients away. And, in today’s tough economy, buyers have less money to spend on your products and services. That’s why your ability to provide a superior customer experience is the key to long-lasting success.
Service and Support at the Speed of the Customer, inc.
Despite reams of sound theory written about it and a decade's worth of technology thrown at it, customer service remains one of the thorniest problems for enterprises large and small.Vocal dissatisfaction with customer service and support has hit an all-time high—the Internet is chockablock with Websites devoted to itemizing, in minute detail, painful, fumbled and bungled customer service ...
The Marketing And Customer Analytics Software Landscape
Portrait Software
Marketers recognize that Customer Intelligence is rapidly becoming a mission-critical discipline. This should come as no surprise — valuing, targeting, and retaining the best customers are skills in high demand. But few marketing organizations can muster the budgets, technology capabilities, or analytical chops to succeed. The crowded vendor community does little to simplify matters. To help ...
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EnterpriseIQ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) IQMS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more than just a listing of client names and email addresses. CRM within EnterpriseIQ provides powerful tools to ...
Aspect Contact Video Case Study Aspect Software, Inc. Watch this video to learn how Aspect is using this Lync-based contact center solution to serve internal customers.\n

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