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ACH Outsourcing: A Profitability Enhancing Option for Mid-Tier and Large Financial Institutions
Fiserv Inc
ACH Outsourcing A Profitability Enhancing Option for Mid-Tier and Large Financial Institutions ACH Outsourcing Enhances Payments Profitability The credit crisis has exacerbated the need for financial institutions to reduce operating costs, safeguard customer relationships and maximize revenue potential. Until recently, most financial institutions counted on their payments business to ...
Eliminating Paper Paychecks: Best Practices for Rolling Out Electronic Pay Distribution
First Data
Paper paychecks are costly to process and distribute, and a small percentage of paychecks invariably have problems that require administrative resources to sort out. For instance, paper paychecks can be easily lost or stolen. Sometimes, paychecks end up at the wrong location on payday. And occasionally, employees simply fail to pick them up. When an employee does not pick up a paycheck, even a ...
Increase Revenue and Improve Customer Satisfaction with Dynamic Currency Conversion
First Data
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, international visitors to the United States in 2008 spent a record-breaking $142 billion, a 16 percent increase over 2007 spending levels. Although the current recession will likely prevent 2009 from being another record-breaking year, increases in international travel to the U.S. will resume as the global economy recovers. International visitor ...
Contactless Payments: The ‘Tipping Point’ Is at Hand
First Data
Across the United States, a major awakening is occurring among consumers. Millions of Americans are now discovering that their new or reissued credit and debit cards (along with other form factors like key fobs and stickers) have an innovative feature: They are contactless-enabled. Using this technology at the point of sale, consumers can pay without swiping their cards through magnetic readers, ...
Leveraging a Secure IP-Based Payment Connection Network to Reduce Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction
First Data
Find out how using IP functionality at the point-of-sale can be a faster, less-expensive and more secure way to process customer payment. With this enhancement, it is easier to maintain customer satisfaction and market share while reducing costs.
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