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The Integrated Enterprise Infrastructure: A More Efficient and Cost-Effective Model for IT
Vernon Turner Senior Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Consumer and Telecom Research Most of today's datacenters — those with a combination of physical infrastructure and virtual servers — need a new approach to managing their IT assets. One such approach is enabled by integrated enterprise infrastructure platforms, which vendors are now offering in the marketplace. An integrated ...
Introduction to the Enterprise Video Market
Widen Enterprises, Inc.
Enterprise video usage has become very conspicuous over the past few years. The ability to easily and cost effectively reach out to a large audience through video webcasting and conferencing has been a major catalyst in getting enterprise markets to use video. Enterprise video is no longer seen as “nice to have” and has now started establishing itself as an integral part of everyday business. ...
Identity Integration - Enterprise to the Cloud
Symplified, Inc
Information technology is being revolutionized by software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud computing. SaaS now is mainstream IT as companies of all sizes and types have adopted the ease and savings of SaaS to support more sophisticated cloud-based business models. By 2010, 65% of U.S. companies with more than $100 million in yearly revenue are forecasted to be using SaaS1, while half of all large ...
Design in Enterprise Mobile Applications
Why Great Design Matters and How to Achieve It Design in Enterprise Mobile Applications! What Brilliant Design Means for Enterprise Apps Piotr Gajos is an Apple Design Award winner, and heads Sourcebits' global design team. Piotr shares his thoughts on the role of design in enterprise mobility. Q. What does “brilliant” design mean in the context of mobile product creation?
Enterprise Job Scheduling Evaluation Guide
Cisco Systems: Intelligent Automation
How to evaluate and choose a job scheduling solution that is right for your infrastructure IT groups must support many applications and servers across multiple platforms that frequently operate independently of each other. Coordinating all these applications and networks to streamline job scheduling can increase productivity and reduce costs. However, applying more staff, toolkits, and ...
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Enterprise Mobile Development Sourcebits We provide software design and development services for iPhone, Mobile, Mac, and the Web.
Enterprise WiFi Security: Protection or Frustration? AirTight Networks The Video talks about wireless security lapses in managed Wi-Fi infrastructure as well as vulnerabilities arising from unmanaged, uncontrolled activity ...

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