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HIPAA: Healthcare Transformation to Electronic Communications
This white paper provides a brief overview of HIPAA regulations and how healthcare organizations are using technology to assist with compliance.
Healthcare Case Study - Scanning and Filing Insurance Claim Forms
FileHold Systems Inc.
Edgefield County Hospital (ECH) is located in Edgefield, South Carolina whose mission is “to provide quality and appropriate care to all people”. With 15 doctors on staff, they provide care for 332 admitted patients and over 12,000 outpatients per year. ECH needed a way to manage approximately 15,000 hard copy pages of insurance remits and other related claim documentation annually. It was ...
White Paper-WEBeDoctor
WEBeDoctor, Inc.
WEBeDoctor A service designed to manage a practice more efficiently than ever before Physician these days have too many worries on his/her mind in regards to running his/her business effectively. There are many issues he/she has to deal on a daily basis, as far as how many patients are coming into the practice and declining reimbursement rate from Insurance companies. Physician is focusing more ...
24/7 Uptime for Electronic Health Records:
Stratus Technologies
24/7 Uptime for Electronic Health Records: Microsoft Windows-based EHRs and Stratus Medical Grade Servers by Stratus Technologies, The Availability Company® April 2009 Abstract The long migration to electronic health records (EHRs) in the U.S. is set to speed up with the funding authorized by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. Recognizing how electronic health records help ...
Wireless Security and Healthcare – Going Beyond IEEE 802.11i to Truly Ensure HIPAA Compliance
AirTight Networks
Wireless LANs are prevalent in healthcare institutions. The constant need for mobility among doctors, nurses and staff while remaining connected to clinical information systems is a natu- ral environment for Wi-Fi networks. And with new, innovative hands free Wi-Fi phones, use of voice clients in healthcare is also increasing, eliminating the need for noisy, overhead pag- ing systems and the ...
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Cardiology Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute
Transform Healthcare and Transform Lives with OpenText Fax and Secure Document Distribution OpenText Healthcare costs are rising and spending is increasing. With all the entities involved, the complexity of healthcare systems is astounding. OpenText Fax ...

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