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ITAMG Hardware Depreciation Calculator
IT Asset Management Group
There is a formula to determining the depreciation of IT equipment. The Internal Revenue Service has a specific section that lists percentages by year. ITAMG has taken this information and created an easy to use calculator in order to make sense of this. This worksheet provides general estimates for the depreciation of IT equipment and also two examples concerning the lease of IT equipment. ...
Designing a Persistent Hardware Architecture
Many enterprises looking to increase the flexibility, improve the scalability, enhance the availability and reduce the costs of data storage have turned to storage area networks (SAns). Yet traditional hardware vendors have failed to deliver on the promise of SAns. By relying on proprietary hardware designs, imposing restrictions on the types of technology that can be used and prohibiting ...
Oracle Wrestles with Hardware as Software Grows
Technology Business Research, Inc
Oracle continues to wrestle with hardware, even as software drives growth. With a $2 billion Exadata pipeline, a $120 million deduction off operating expenses, unexpected contributions from Sun middleware and Phase Forward, and nearly 24% year-to-year growth in services revenue, Oracle is steaming ahead with its systems vendor strategy. Oracle President Safra Catz reported during the calendar ...
Vendors Expanding on the Edges of the Traditional Hardware Market
Technology Business Research, Inc
The IT market is in a state of change, as both consumer- and commercial-focused hardware vendors adjust their strategies to accommodate shifting demand. As evidenced by TBR’s 3Q10 Computer Business Quarterly Benchmark, IT hardware vendors are jockeying for position in key growth areas, such as tablets, cloud computing and integrated, purpose-built solutions, while focusing short-term growth and ...
Technology Business Research, Inc
As a major IT supplier to businesses, HP subsequently suffered first a slowing of growth and then three quarters of year-to-year revenue declines, from which it emerged in 4Q09. Now, businesses have resumed purchasing, apparently confident in the global economic recovery, and HP is benefiting. The company posted year-to-year revenue growth of 12.8%, assisted by about four points of favorable ...
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Maximizing Embedded Database Performance on Multi-core and Mult-disk Hardware Raima Inc. This presentation given by Raima's Chief Architect discusses RDM Embedded 10's distributed architecture which allows maximum utilization of today's ...
Document Management- What's in it for You? ACOM Solutions, Inc.

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