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"Lights-Out" Automated IT Management from Dorado Software
Dorado Software, Inc
Dorado Software. Businesses on a worldwide basis are under increasing competitive pressure to become more agile and so are looking to their IT organizations to help them respond to these pressures by continuing to provide new value added services and applications. As a result, IT organizations have been adding a wide range of new functionality to the IT infrastructure including: • Wireless LANs ...
Configuration Management in a Cloud
Configuration Management, Inc. (CMI)
In today’s age, it’s a challenge for organizations to provide flexible and efficient Configuration Management solutions to demanding geographically distributed development environments. CM in a “cloud” is a Configuration Management solution or set of solutions hosted in a virtual cloud based environment. In this whitepaper, CMI discusses the benefits of Configuration Management in a Cloud.
IT Governance and Managed Services
The question of whether to outsource IT has become part of the strategic thinking process for a growing number of organizations across a wide range of industries. Organizations are increasingly evaluating what is core to their business and weighing the benefits of turning non-core, but often critical functions such as IT, over to outside partners. The benefits are compelling. Through a managed ...
Enterprise Configuration Management for Risk Mitigation
Configuration Management, Inc. (CMI)
Enterprise Configuration Management® (ECM) is a process to capture data and dependencies about an IT infrastructure and to create an audit trail of changes against that infrastructure. The ECM process manages the revision and status of all the digital assets in an IT infrastructure. In this whitepaper, CMI discusses the benefits of Enterprise Configuration Management for Risk Mitigation.
Incident Management
ContingenZ Corporation.
Incident Management is the process of recognizing events that will affect the business, reacting appropriately to those events, and then responding to quickly resume normal corporate operations. Events can Recognize, react and re- range from public relations missteps, internal or spond to continue the external security breaches, natural or unnatural corporate mission. disasters, terrorism, ...
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Document Management- What's in it for You? ACOM Solutions, Inc.
BMC Software, Inc.  -  Application Performance Management Document BMC Software, Inc. - Application Performance Management Simplify and automate management across application technologies — spanning physical infrastructures, cloud, internet, corporate networks, and content ...

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