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IT Governance and Managed Services
The question of whether to outsource IT has become part of the strategic thinking process for a growing number of organizations across a wide range of industries. Organizations are increasingly evaluating what is core to their business and weighing the benefits of turning non-core, but often critical functions such as IT, over to outside partners. The benefits are compelling. Through a managed ...
Selecting a Best-In-Class Managed File Transfer Solution
Coviant Software
A best-in-class Managed File Transfer solution must successfully address open interoperability, workflow management, secure file transfers/data security, and scalability. This white paper includes a chart to compare features of Managed File Transfer products.
Enterprise Job Scheduling Evaluation Guide
Cisco Systems: Intelligent Automation
How to evaluate and choose a job scheduling solution that is right for your infrastructure IT groups must support many applications and servers across multiple platforms that frequently operate independently of each other. Coordinating all these applications and networks to streamline job scheduling can increase productivity and reduce costs. However, applying more staff, toolkits, and ...
Bridging the Gap Between HR & IT With 5 HRMS Requirements That Will Satisfy Everyone
NuView Systems
Bridging the Gap Between HR & IT with 5 HRMS Requirements That Will Satisfy Everyone Everyone has heard the saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. When it comes to implementing a global human resource management system (HRMS), the same could be said for an organization’s information technology and human resource departments. IT and HR professionals should heed the advice ...
10 Steps to SOX Compliance for Managed File Transfer
Coviant Software
Learn how to successfully address SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) compliance for managed file transfers. First, 10 practical steps to automate your secure file transfer process are detailed. Then, the sections of SOX that relate to secure file transfer processes and how the 10 steps can meet these requirements are reviewed.
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Overview of the OpSource Cloud Files API OpSource Video tutorial that provides an overview of the OpSource Cloud Files API, the properties associate with files, folders and users.
Managed File Transfer: Challenges and Solutions Coviant Software Real-world examples of how Diplomat Managed File Transfer streamlined file transfer processes by improving automation, integration and control of secure ...

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