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Is Anti-Piracy/DRM the Cure or the Disease for PC Games?
ByteShield, Inc.
“Only customers hate DRM, pirates remove it” This is how one developer summed up the current state of software protection from piracy. Anti-piracy, in the form of Copy Protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM)1, Intellectual Property laws and legal enforcement, has for decades tried to prevent illegal usage of PC games. Yet, the evidence clearly shows that piracy continues to grow and ...
Software Activation
Excel Software
Software activation is the process of enabling newly installed software to run on a specific computer. Software vendors use an activation process to ensure that only paid customers can run their software and to enforce license restrictions. Software users are familiar with and have grown to expect a simple, clean activation process when installing a commercial product. This article explains how ...
Why Product Activation for Software is Becoming Widespread
Agilis Software LLC
Why Product Activation for Software is Becoming Widespread Software vendors have used license management for many years. Older approaches, such as key-file-based licensing or dongles, do have a number of drawbacks for the vendor and their users. Product activation solves many of these problems, so is gaining broad acceptance in the software industry.
Considering Product Activation? You Need to Consider These 10 Issues
Agilis Software LLC
Considering Product Activation? You Need to Think about These 10 Issues Product activation is unobtrusive, secure and flexible - if you do it right. This paper describes some obvious, and some not-so-obvious, issues for software developers to consider.
Practicing Safe Software, Linux Magazine
Intellectual Property Compliance and Protection via Tools that Automate Software Record Keeping and Create a Software Bill of Materials Open Source Software – The Good (& Profitable) The software industry has matured and software has become an ubiquitous part in many products – especially so in telecommunications and IT. Why? Simply because it enables faster development, short introduction ...
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TECH Closeup: ByteShield Software Copy Protection
ByteShield, Inc.
Emerging Trends in the Technology Industry Protiviti Inc Gordon Tucker, Managing Director and Leader of Protiviti's Technology Industry practice, discusses emerging trends and developments in the technology ...

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