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Cloud Staffing and IT Outsourcing Evolution
Acceptic: Software Development Company
Cloud Staffing and IT Outsourcing Evolution Cloud staffing and IT outsourcing evolution Cloud Staffing and IT Outsourcing Evolution Today there are many talks about cloud computing. Supposedly it can give a new effective way to satisfy needs in hardware and software products and IT services. But what about IT personnel? Can the cloud model be expanded to... cloud staffing? If yes, what about ...
Achieving Real Results from IT Outsourcing
Perot Systems
A White Paper from the Perot Systems Thought Leadership Board Achieving Real Results from IT Outsourcing How to Benefit from Information Technology Outsourcing and Create Long-Term, Measurable Results by Jay T. Young Director of Business Development Perot Systems Corporation Executive Summary Achieving real results from information technology outsourcing depends on a variety of factors. ...
Why Outsource?
Jagged Peak, Inc.
Why Outsource Your Direct-to-Customer eCommerce Channel? ©2010, Jagged Peak, Inc. All rights reserved. To better focus on their core competencies, more and more manufacturers recognize that outsourcing is an effective and economical way to manage their direct-to- customer (D2C) eCommerce channel. The trend is visible in mega-billion dollar companies as well as early stage companies with more ...
Manufacturing: To Outsource or Not…
Not surprisingly, organizations that outsource manufacturing do realize lower manufacturing controllable costs as a percentage of revenue. Given that the most‐often cited reason why companies outsource is to save costs, this is not a shocking conclusion.
Challenging the Notion that Outsourcing is Strategic
Technology Business Research, Inc
It’s all about people and culture, and outsourcing really isn’t that strategic. I’m hesitant to say that there’s nothing new under the sun, but it’s hard to ignore that adage when everyone from Home Depot, their provider TCS, and the entire panel of the main stage presentation called G6 (additional details below) are saying virtually the same thing. The difference is in the candor of the ...
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An Overview of Jagged Peak Jagged Peak, Inc. Jagged Peak offers the most comprehensive, flexible, outsourced ecommerce and supply chain solutions on the planet.
Aspect Contact Video Case Study Aspect Software, Inc. Watch this video to learn how Aspect is using this Lync-based contact center solution to serve internal customers.\n

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