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DocFinity Insurance Whitepaper
Optical Image Technology, Inc.
Get More Meaningful Use from Your Business Information If you’re like most insurers, you’re storing and managing more information than ever before. The question is: are you getting full value from the resources that flow in and through your organization? From electronic files and paper documents through telecommunications and other technologies, we struggle with overwhelming amounts of data; ...
Part Two: Digital Imaging: Manufacturing
A3 Technologies, Inc.
Digital Imaging is not a “new” technology. Digital cameras have been around since the 1960's when NASA and the CIA introduced high speed, high resolution digital cameras. Since 1994, digital cameras have been available to the public. A quick look in any newspaper will reveal dozens of vendors selling hundreds of different models through thousands of outlets. What makes digital cameras ...
"Trimble SureScan Technology", Trimble 2007
TRIMBLE SURVEY, WESTMINSTER, COLORADO, OCTOBER 2007 ABSTRACT Spatial Imaging has emerged as a powerful tool that allows users to gather large quantities of rich data in relatively short periods of time compared to more traditional data acquisition methods. This has lead to new surveying opportunities as well as increased efficiency of current survey field techniques. However, speed (points per ...
ABTech Renishaw Case Study
ABTech Inc
Ultra-accurate lens measuring system features advanced air bearing and encoder technologies ABTech Manufacturing creates five-axis platform for nanometer/sub-arcsec processing around its ultra-precision air bearings and Renishaw SiGNUM™ position encoders June 2008 — When OptiPro Systems, an Ontario, New York based leading manufacturer of CNC optical manufacturing technology, needed ...
Softage Information Technology Limited Document
Softage Information Technology Limited
Case Study - Processing Of PAN Application Forms PAN Application Form Processing for UTI Investors Services Ltd (UTIISL) which is a Government Company under Companies Act. Income Tax Department (ITD) faced a major challenge in 2002-03, when they were unable to meet with the huge demand of PAN (Permanent Account Number). The failure in the legacy process led to large number of pending , missing ...
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M2SYS PC-based Biometric Time Clock - Alternative to Kronos Video #3 (Multi-lingual) M2SYS Technology
Biometric Identification for Lunch Line Point of Sale (POS) Systems M2SYS Technology

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