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Shaping the Future Development of the Networking Industry: Managed Ethernet Solutions for the Enterprise
Reliance Globalcom Ltd.
Shaping the Future Development of the Networking Industry Managed Ethernet Solutions for the Enterprise Abstract: Customer empowerment is the new paradigm in the business of network service offering. With the customer in full control of the service management, service providers need to develop an intelligent and a flexible networking and integration environment. Ethernet is the enabling ...
VDI with Dell EqualLogic hybrid arrays: A comparative study with the industry-leading NAS solution
Principled Technologies
Building a VDI environment requires a solid storage system capable of meeting the demands of a large number of users. Being able to support all your users with an attractively priced storage solution is ideal. We found the Dell EqualLogic PS6110XS to be simple to set up and manage during the course of testing, and it provided significantly higher usable capacity, at 9.1TB versus 6.7 TB for the ...
VDI with Dell EqualLogic hybrid arrays: A comparative study with the industry-leading SAN storage solution
Principled Technologies
To determine whether a storage platform would deliver acceptable virtual desktop performance, we created a VMware View virtual desktop pool of 800 virtual desktops (vDTs) hosted on a EqualLogic PS6110XS storage array, and another on the industry-leading SAN storage solution with a similar configuration. We instructed each virtual desktop pool to reboot all 800 vDTs, wait for an idle state, and ...
Tungsten: Basics, Ways of Use, Role in Bullets
SAMaterials Corporation
Tungsten is a metallic element which is denoted by the symbol W and has atomic number 74. This metal has a silvery or greyish metal type appearance and is also often called wolfram. Tungsten was first found in the year 1781 and was then isolated as an independent element in 1783 in Spain. This element is not found in isolated form and has to be extracted from its metallic ores - wolframite, ...
Mining, Uses and Buying Tips of Molybdenum
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials Mining, Uses and Buying Tips of Molybdenum Molybdenum is not a rare metal. It is mined in many regions of the world. Even though this metal is extensively mined, milled and processed, only a few deposits that have economic value are gathered. United States is among chief producers of Moly, alongside Canada, China and a few others. Moly ...
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Helpful Tips for Selecting a New ERP System for Your Manufactuirng Business IQMS Evaluating new ERP systems can be enough to drive you mad. Then throw in MES, Quality and eCommerce, how do they fit in? That's where it gets scary. ...
Data Center Tour: INetU Managed Hosting INetU, Inc. This tour shows you just one of the data centers at our headquarters in Allentown, PA. Want to learn more about our data centers and locations? Visit: ...

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