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Predictive Strategy Scenarios for Marketing Sales and Risk
Angoss Software Corporation
The use of data mining and predictive analytics by organizations continues to grow as businesses attempt to tap into their customer and enterprise data to improve business decisions including those related to strategy – when, where and how to play to win. Success in developing predictive analytics capabilities results in business performance improvements in the areas of marketing, sales and risk ...
Predictive Strategy Scenarios for Marketing Sales and Riskes that Drive Customer Value in Marketing, Sales and Risk
Angoss Software Corporation
The idea that Telecom Providers need to offer business clients higher value, industry-specific “solutions” to succeed in competitive and commoditized communications markets is not novel. Telecom Providers know this. Traditional carriers, wireless and Internet service providers, independent solution vendors, virtual network operators and other resellers of telecom products and services have been ...
Sales and marketing
GSP & Associates LLC
Maximizing Sales and Marketing Performance Maximizing Sales and Marketing Performance MAXIMIZING SALES AND MARKETING EFFORT IS AN IMPERATIVE... 3 IF SALES AND MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS IS THE ANSWER, WHAT'S THE QUESTION?............................... ........................................ .............. 3 MARKETING AS A BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY.............................. ................... 5 AN ...
The Key to Relentless Marketing
Coremetrics, an IBM Company
Online marketing grows more complicated every day. The proliferation of new media outlets, an increasing amount of data to analyze, the convergence of online and offline worlds, and decreasing response times to market changes fuel this complexity and make it hard to prove the viability of integrated marketing plans. Yet that’s exactly what marketers are expected to do.
Email Marketing Reporting Basics
VerticalResponse Inc.
writing and creating emails and are ready to measure your results, but all those numbers mean? Here are some statistics to help you measure cess of your emails, but there are some things to keep in mind. The most nt being that the numbers you see in this guide are an average across s and should be used as a starting point. ts will depend on many things including the age of your list, when you ...

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