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The Easiest Touch Control ever - the iPad
Commercial Satellite Audio & Video
The easiest all in one touch control panel for your office, boardroom, conference facility or bar/restaurant is now on the market. It’s so user friendly that literally anyone on your staff, even someone with no knowledge of your AV equipment, can use it with ease to control your lighting, audio, video and more. It’s the Apple iPad utilizing Crestron programming. Crestron is the recognized ...
Benefits of Using MIPS® Processors for Consumer Audio Application
MIPS Technologies, Inc
The Benefits of Using MIPS® Processors for Consumer Audio Applications Consumer devices such as mobile audio players, set-top boxes (STBs), digital TVs (DTVs), and digital versatile disc (DVD) players and recorders are typically implemented using a multi-function system-on-chip (SOC). Such an SOC performs two primary functions: application processing and video/audio signal processing. The ...
Documentation in Real Time: The Benefits and Convenience of Speech Recognition for Physicians
Winscribe Inc.
A major challenge for healthcare organizations worldwide is the marshaling of the documentation mountain. Medical records must be accurate, timely, and accessible. For the physician, the challenge is to allocate time for the creation and maintenance of a high standard of medical record for his or her patients, without subtracting from the primary focus of direct patient care and welfare. The ...
Acrobat Connect Pro Audio Integration
Sterling Ledet & Associates
Web conferencing has emerged as a critical communication tool for today’s organizations, rapidly becoming as essential as e‐mail and voice communication for business professionals. However, existing web conferencing solutions have fallen short of the ease and effectiveness of in‐person meetings: they are complex and difficult to use, and lack real‐world functionality. Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ ...
Dictation and the Mobile Physician
Winscribe Inc.
The primary goal of healthcare organizations is to deliver high quality patient care, while enabling their healthcare professionals to be as productive and efficient as possible. Healthcare professionals should be able to spend the majority of their time on their main objective, which is to treat patients. The amount of time being spent on administrative tasks should be minimal. A major obstacle ...
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Audio and Video Installation at Kaminski's in San Diego Commercial Satellite Audio & Video A recent audio and video integration at a local San Diego sports bar named Kaminski's. Commercial Satellite Audio and Video installed free standing video ...
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