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Spyware Security and Privacy Protection
Corporate IT Managers are seeking refuge from the onslaught of Spyware causing network drains, slow desktop responsiveness and the critical security threats caused by this hard-to-prevent threat. Spyware has moved beyond the casual home user's computer and into the corporate network, but IT managers do not have adequate tools to stop it. A multilayered approach is necessary to protect ...
Simplifying Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH Security and Privacy Rules
DigitalPersona, Inc
HIPAA and HITECH: Setting security standards for healthcare The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009 have raised the bar of security within the Healthcare industry. New standards have been put in place aimed at protecting Electronic Health Records (EHR), Personal Health ...
SANS What Works: Worldwide Retailer Boosts Privacy with Security Intelligence
Q1 Labs, an IBM Company
A leading retailer with stores worldwide was seeking a more innovative tool to protect customer privacy and intellectual property. PCI compliance mandated log collection, but a vast number of different tools generated an overwhelming amount of log data, making it difficult for the small security team to review it effectively. The solution the company chose had to fit into a diverse network, ...
Top 10 Information Security Threats for 2010
Perimeter E-Security
2010 is upon us. I am amazed that it has been a decade since all the fear and speculation of Y2K. Take a moment to review your personal technological transformation in the last 10 years. Were you using a mobile phone 10 years ago? Could you live without it today? How about how far the Internet has come and your reliance upon it? Did you ever imagine you would use technologies like Facebook and ...
University Security Assessment
Dell SecureWorks
This report contains the analysis of network traffic for University XYZ from March 25th through March 27th 2004. Log files were obtained from the University in order to identify threats to the security and performance of the network. Included in the set of logs to be analyzed were signature alert logs, port scanning logs, and out of specification (OOS) logs. Signature alert logs identify traffic ...
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Information security begins with Cyber Authentication Access Smart, LLC What do you get when you purchase the Power LogOn Administrator Starter Kit from Access Smart. Information security begins with cyber access control, and ...
Faronics Layered Security - Malware's Worst Nightmare Faronics Technologies Layered Security by Faronics tackles modern malware threats through a unique, integrated approach incorporating Faronics Anti-Virus, Faronics ...

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