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Building Secure Software with Java
Secure software has relevance in a variety of application domains, including banking, electronic commerce, homeland defense, and military systems. The primary objectives of securing software are to: 1. Hide confidential information from individuals who are not supposed to see this information. 2. Assure that transmitted information is received completely and accurately by intended recipients. ...
Secure Software Purchasing Sample Contract Language
Veracode, Inc
Recommended Secure Software Purchasing Contract Language This sample contract Annex is intended to help enterprises negotiate secure commercial‐off‐the‐shelf (COTS) software purchases. Most software contracts have focused on requiring the vendor to show a certain level of application security competency or to attempt to include liability clauses as part of the contract process. Frequently, the ...
Operating Software in Secure Electronic Documents
Gemalto N.V.
Secure documents such as passports, identity cards, driver licenses and healthcare cards can be migrated to electronic security by embedding these with a secure electronic component. This type of electronic component comprises a microprocessor running specially developed operating software.
Policy-Driven Software Security From Ad-Hoc Testing to a Programmatic Approach
Veracode, Inc
From Ad-Hoc Testing to a Programmatic Approach A comprehensive, cost-effective, efficient and scalable application security verification program is attainable— and essential—in the face of aggressive attacks and software code that is rife with vulnerabilities. WHITE PAPER Policy-Driven Software Security: From Ad-Hoc Testing to a Programmatic Approach What do Google, RSA, Sony, PBS, Barracuda ...
PDF Security: 10 Things to Ask Before Purchasing a PDF Security Product
10 things you really wished you had known about PDF Security, but they didn't tell you! Is the PDF security software you are looking to purchase really secure? If the PDF security software you are evaluating can be simply broken then you might as well save your money. Read on and find out what PDF security vendors are not telling you about their products and solutions, and what questions you ...
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