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RFID goes mainstreams
Alien Technology Corporation.
Early RFID implementations were fundamentally driven by external mandates, but along with signicant technological improvements, more readily available component options, cost reductions, and shared lessons learned, the technology has proven its value in driving signicant operational efciencies, and RFID has gained a broader adoption. Today, industries are looking beyond the realm of compliance, ...
The Visible Supply Chain: Ensuring End-to-End Optimization
Epicor Software Corporation
Today’s supply chain is, of course, the primary processing mechanism of every manufacturing company. But it’s more than that: Its multifaceted, multicompany, multinational structure makes it the most complex management challenge found in any enterprise. Supply chain management no longer means just making sure that the right resources and the right materials move to the right place at the right ...
Supply Chain Emissions Management
Supply Chain Emissions Management The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, has really brought the issue of life-cycle analysis and supply-chain emissions tracking to the forefront. With much fanfare, Walmart announced during mid-July 2009 that it would be developing a “Sustainability Index” which would in no small way require its suppliers, all 100,000 of them, to measure sustainability as part ...
EMC’s Industry-leading Supply Chain Strategy - Sustainability Spotlight
Technology Business Research, Inc
EMC is taking a leadership role in encouraging and enforcing sustainability principles throughout its supply chain. The company views the construction of a supply chain network that supports sustainable solutions as crucial to its overall business model, as well as its long-term strength and success. By working to ensure that business practices throughout its supply chain are sustainable, EMC ...
Strategies To Run a Lean Supply Chain: How principles of lean manufacturing transfer benefits to Operations
Epicor Software Corporation
How principles of lean manufacturing transfer benefits to Operations Aligning Business and IT to Improve Performance Ventana Research Headquarters 1900 South Norfolk Street, Suite 280 San Mateo, CA 94403 (650) 931-0880 Ventana Research Europe 2nd floor, Berkeley Square House Berkeley Square, W1J 6BD London 44 (0) 20 7887 6012 Ventana ...
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EnterpriseIQ Preventative Maintenance IQMS Knowing about maintenance needs on tools, dies, work centers, auxiliary equipment or even ancillary items such as fire extinguishers can save your ...
Kofax Mobile Capture Platform - Gift Card Reader Kofax Ltd The average household has $300 in unused gift cards. What if your customers could get their gift card balances with one simple tap? This is just one of ...

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