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Wireless Sensor Networks: Hype or Reality?
Spinwave Systems, Inc.
Wireless sensor networks have enjoyed a lot of attention recently and industry analysts have predicted aggressive growth, but are expectations inflated or are underlying technologies and emerging products ready to solve real-world problems? Find out how the new wave of wireless sensor networks will change the building automation industry by reducing costs and increasing flexibility, making the ...
802.11n: Next-Generation Wireless LAN Technology
Buffalo Technology
802.11n: Next-Generation Wireless LAN Technology This white paper explains IEEE 802.11n, the newest draft specification for Wi-Fi®. It is designed to provide an overview of the technology, describe new techniques used to achieve greater speed and range, and identify applications, products, and environments that will benefit from the technology. 802.11n: Next-Generation Wireless LAN ...
PCI: The End of the Walk Around Wireless Audit
AirTight Networks
Even if Wi-Fi is not deployed, PCI requires a quarterly wireless security audit of the card holder environment to identify unauthorized Wi-Fi that may jeopardize the security of credit card data. Traditionally, these wireless security audits have been conducted as an onsite activity, walking around with a handheld device sniffing wireless data over-the-air. This "point in time" technique is ...
Wireless IPS Detection and Prevention Review
AirTight Networks
This paper is designed to provide the reader with information on multiple security threats to enterprise networks from WLANs and various detection, classification, and prevention techniques used by Wireless Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (WIDS/WIPS) vendors. This paper focuses on common threats related to Rogue Access Points (APs), Misbehaving Clients, Ad hoc Connections, and Denial of ...
Don’t Let Wireless Detour Your PCI Compliance
AirTight Networks
Recent incidents have highlighted the growing popularity of wireless among cybercriminals to gain sensitive data from both wired and wireless networks. The TJX incident — the largest known wireless security breach in the U.S. history — is a prime example. Hackers used unsecured wireless as an entry point to access TJX networks worldwide. Over 90 million credit- and debit-card records and ...
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What Does AvaLAN Do? AvaLAN Wireless
Smart Wireless Forensics at Your Fingertips AirTight Networks This short video introduces AirTight Networks Smart Forensics the latest in wireless forensics technology now available as a licensed feature in ...

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