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A New Era in Designing and Managing the Wireless Network
More and more organizations today are discovering the benefits of trusted wireless communications networks, including integrated indoor/outdoor networking, greater operational agility and exceptional cost effectiveness. At the same time, they’re discovering there are major differences between wired and wireless technologies, and that wireless systems call for increased emphasis on upfront design ...
Best Practices for Securing Enterprise Wireless Network
AirTight Networks
With the rapid adoption of Wi-Fi networks by enterprise IT departments everywhere, network security now involves an entirely new dimension of vulnerability to malicious hackers and casual intruders. Applications and data have literally taken to the airwaves, thanks to the compelling productivity and efficiencies gained by mobility tools such as notebook PCs, handhelds and Blackberries. As an ...
NetClarity - Use NetClarity to Secure Your Wireless Networks
Symtrex, Inc.
USE NETCLARITY TO SECURE YOUR WIRELESS NETWORKS Preface................................. ....................................... Two Immediate Threats to Your Network...... Practical Access Control Protects Against Both Att Threat #1: Hackers Exploiting Wireless Weakness Open Wireless Networks................................ ....... Captive Portal or MAC-based Authenticated WEP Encrypted ...
Planning IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks for Coverage and Security
AirTight Networks
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) planning poses a new set of challenges for the network planners due to the invisibility of Radio Frequency (RF) and the need for protection against a new class of WLAN based security threats. Current state-of-the-art of doing site surveys by measuring actual signal at select points and placing WLAN transmitters at these points is neither accurate nor scalable; ...
Wireless Sensor Networks: Hype or Reality?
Spinwave Systems, Inc.
Wireless sensor networks have enjoyed a lot of attention recently and industry analysts have predicted aggressive growth, but are expectations inflated or are underlying technologies and emerging products ready to solve real-world problems? Find out how the new wave of wireless sensor networks will change the building automation industry by reducing costs and increasing flexibility, making the ...
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Proxim Wireless on CNN Network Proxim Wireless
SmartPath Wireless Access Point Black Box Network Services With the proliferation of wireless devices, wireless connectivity is expected and assumed today. Whether it's a child in school with a tablet, a doctor in ...

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