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Decreasing Energy Consumption through Energy Management Solutions
Given all the hype and opportunities for improvement in becoming “green,” many organizations are bombarded with a myriad of energy management solutions that promise a panacea of results. This paper helps cut through the clutter by providing background on the current definitions and drivers for energy management and outlines recommendations for how to approach a project. It discusses CGI's energy ...
Emerging Trends in Green IT
As an emerging topic in IT management, “Green IT” practices are drawing high interest among IT organizations as well as suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. With the rapid run up of energy costs and a broadening awareness of the impact of global climate change, IT organizations are looking for strategies to offset rising costs and to use technology in ways that reduce their ...
The Complete Cloud: Creating and Preserving Cloud Savings, Security and Service Quality Through Transition Planning and Service
Creating and preserving cloud infrastructure savings, security and service quality requires active engagement by clients and their qualified cloud providers to prevent erosion of the benefits that drew them to the cloud in the first place. Help clients realize even greater value from the cloud - and avoid value erosion - by planning and managing cloud solutions holistically through solid ...
Why Managed Services and Why Not Staff Augmentation? Ensuring companies derive the most value, including flexibility and skill a
In recent years, many information technology (IT) departments have sought to increase their agility, overcome short-term capability deficiencies, and/or accommodate the impact of hiring restrictions by utilizing staff augmentation arrangements with IT service providers or by contracting directly with independent contractors. As a temporary strategy, this approach has a number of advantages ...
Composite applications: Where have all the mashups gone?
Composite applications hold great promise, freeing organizations from the constraints of centralized IT departments and empowering them to develop new systems and services on-the-fly in response to business demand. Yet the agility, productivity and financial gains of a composite application model are tough to achieve without a clear understanding of what's required to implement and sustain such a ...

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