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United States
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INetU, Inc.

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Identify the Right Cloud Model for You
INetU, Inc.
All cloud solutions are not the same and neither are your requirements. Picking the right cloud model for the type of business problem you are trying to solve can be the most important decision you can make. This checklist will help guide you to identify the cloud model that best fits your business and application needs. There are generally three cloud models to choose from: Private Cloud A ...
Knovation Finds Educated Partner in INetU
INetU, Inc.
Knovation, the leader in advanced personalized learning solutions, has been connecting teachers and students with digital content and technology solutions that help them succeed since 2000. More than 27 million students and 1 million teachers in schools and districts across the United States have relied on Knovation to help them efficiently and effectively leverage digital resources to meet ...
The Adventures of Moving to the Cloud
INetU, Inc.
You thought that moving to the cloud was a walk in the park, the reality is that it's a jungle out there. The survey results clearly show choosing the right provider to properly plan, deploy and manage your Cloud services is critical to success.” — Jeffrey Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies Getting the design right up front can be key to avoiding project delays, re-engineering and cost ...
7 Reasons Why Every Managed Hoster is Not Alike
INetU, Inc.
Managed hosting providers come in all shapes and sizes. Some hosters focus on a specific geography, specialize in certain verticals or concentrate on a specific infrastructure type like Cloud. There are hosters that primarily serve SMBs and others that target the enterprise. Some hosters offer only a few types of infrastructure services and are equipped with a narrower range of technical ...
7 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Hosting
INetU, Inc.
The Customer Centric Cloud Company APP Some benefits of moving to the cloud are more obvious than others. However, the obvious benefits only scratch the sDurBface of the business advantages you can achieve from adopting the cloud. Whether using a private, public, or hybrid cloud model, the hidden benefits of the cloud can help your business advance over your competitors and gain or retain the ...

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INetU Presents Gated Community Cloud™ at 9th Cloud Expo INetU, Inc. INetU Presents Gated Community Cloud™ at 9th Cloud Expo
Gated Community Cloud is Cloud web hosting with the scalability, flexibility, and cost controls you want with the compliance, re INetU, Inc. Gated Community Cloud is Cloud web hosting with the scalability, flexibility, and cost controls you want with the compliance, reliability, and support you ...
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