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ERP for Small and MidSize Businesses
Metasystems, Inc.
The needs of Small/Medium Businesses (SMB) can be similar to those of a larger organization in many aspects. However, it is increasingly true that while they have various matching needs in some areas, the SMB has elements with much more basic needs. The concept of separation of duties may also be different. In larger organizations, there tends to be multiple people performing the same task, while ...
Selecting an ERP Software Package
Metasystems, Inc.
Failed ERP implementations can lead to overrun costs and complete chaos. See key considerations for small to midsize businesses to use when looking for the right ERP software with the right functional fit as well as the right software vendor to help through implementation and beyond.
Implementing ERP in Small and MidSize Manufacturers
Metasystems, Inc.
Implementing ERP in Small and Mid-Size Companies This is an excerpt from the April 1, 2001 issue of CIO Magazine “ERP Implementation in 10 Easy Steps.” 1. Ask the board of directors for an arbitrary but large sum of money. (Suggestion: $300 million.) 2. Give half the money to consultants. Ask them to select an appropriate ERP package for your company. Consultants will audit your business ...
Now is the Time to Implement a New ERP Software Solution, Jack Welch
Metasystems, Inc.
Now is the Time to Implement a New ERP system Jack Welch, legendary CEO of General Electric speaking at a Las Vegas conference in 2002: “This will pass, don't hunker down and freeze overit; just fix it.” This quote came as he was insisting that during an economic downturn companies should position themselves to pull ahead of their competition. In these tough economic times where your company ...

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