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Codehost, Inc.  Through our turnkey solutions, software development, and business development services, our business model combines a superior technical staff with solid industry expertise.
Codehost Driver Development As a service provider whose focus is on developing software solutions for OEM's, providing connectivity between operating systems and peripherals is a key...
OrangeWare  OrangeWare is a software design and development company specializing in driver and application development for emerging technologies.
1394b 61883-6 Audio Driver The 1394 Audio Driver supports Windows 2000 and XP. It is the only windows driver available which facilitates the Pro Audio technology embodied by the...
Wireless USB/UWB Ultra-Wideband Ultrawideband technology offers a solution for the bandwidth, cost, power consumption, and physical size requirements of the next-generation of consumer...
SourceQuest  SourceQuest offers products and services that bring hardware and software together.
Source USB SourceUSB is a software-based USB analysis tool. With SourceUSB, you can view all host USB I/O requests on a Windows operating system.
Galazar Networks  Galazar is a leading supplier of framer and mapper semiconductor solutions focused on Ethernet over SONET/SDH, SAN, and multi-service datacom and telecom applications.
MSF 250 Device Driver The MSF250 Device Driver provides a complete, modular interface to all of the functions of the MSF250 Multi-Service Framer device to simplify and streamline...
Cogito Solutions  Cogito Solutions is all about providing the best and cost-effective solutions and products to our customers in Asia.
WinDriver The WinDriver product line features market leading driver development toolkits, designed to enable development of high performance, high quality User-Mode...
Synapse Systems  Synapse Systems was founded in 1998 as a high-tech engineering firm. We have experienced strong and stable sales growth since our inception.
OPC Device Driver Synapse Systems' vast experience in device driver development brings to your project a variety of drivers.
Synapse Device Driver Development Synapse Systems' vast experience in device driver development brings to your project a variety of drivers.
Divas Software  Divas is an IT consulting and offshore software development company offering on-time, on-budget, and cost-effective extended enterprise, embedded systems, e-business and other software solutions.
Device Drivers Divas has extensive knowledge in the development of device drivers for multi-function peripheral devices.
StarPound Technologies  M1 Global empowers organizations to realize the full benefits of business processes management by providing software and services that are uniquely designed for customer-centric industries involving multi-channel...
Kernel Drivers, LLC  We architect, implement, and test device drivers for a wide range of functionality.
DiskLock Our DiskLock utility is a simple yet powerful tool for enabling a system to be reset to a fixed configuration with a simple reboot.
KDCache KDCache is implemented as a file system filter driver and allows you to create a large, up to 2TB, cache file that is persistent across reboots.
DSS Networks  DSS Networks provides Gigabit Ethernet and other high-quality, next-generation telecom and datacom products.
Giabit Experts DSS Networks device drivers are designed for embedded and real-time, telecom and datacom applications.
Digigram  Digigram Powered solutions are installed in thousands of corporate and commercial sound installations; radio and television stations; and audio recording and video post production facilities around the globe.
Practical Computer Applications  Practical Computer Applications (PCA) designs and builds Custom Internet Database Business Solutions on the standard Microsoft Smart Client platform.
Green Hills Software  Based in Santa Barbara, California, Green Hills Software is a leading provider of high-performance compilers, software development tools, and real-time operating systems (RTOS) for developers of embedded systems. An...
velOSity Microkernel The velOSity microkernel is small, fast, and royalty free, making it a perfect fit for cost-sensitive, high-volume, and resource-constrained embedded...
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Alpha Five Web Applications for Access Developers
Alpha Software
Learn how to move a Microsoft Access desktop application to the Web with Alpha Five. By understanding the web components and reports you can build against an Access database, you can upsize an Access database to SQL Server or another scalable SQL database.
Building Mashups with Alpha Five V10
Alpha Software
RESTfulInterfaces RESTful interfaces are all the rage among Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET developers building Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and mashups. In fact, it is just as easy -- or perhaps easier -- to write a REST client using Alpha Five V10 as it is using those“fashionable”Web frameworks. First of all, let’s define our terms. REST stands for Representational State Transfer, and was ...
Using SQL tables in Web Security
Alpha Software
SQL tables can be used with the web security tables through the use of active link tables. The web security code supports active link tables but does not actually use the active link table. Instead, it just creates appropriate SQL statements based on the table definitions and accesses the SQL tables directly. Therefore the speed running against SQL tables is approximately the same as against dbf ...
The ACES Model
Jagged Peak, Inc.
Achieving Customer Experience Superiority The ACES Model - Beyond the Perfect Order There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to knowing how well your organization executes critical customer facing activities. Fail in front of your customers and your business is likely to fail. Every organization wants to deliver superior customer experiences, but quantitative measurements of the overall ...
Data Mining Model Types
Data Mining Technologies Inc.
Michael Gilman PhD. Data Mining Technologies 631 692-4400 ext 100 Data Mining Technologies January 2004 Data Mining Technologies Model Types Used by Data Mining Technologies The following represents a sampling of the types of modeling efforts possible using Nuggets the Data Mining Toolkit offered by Data Mining Technologies for the ...

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Budget Maestro Budgeting and Planning Software Quick Tour Centage See why Budget Maestro leads the way in productivity and ease-of-use. Tour highlights: •Financial and operations modeling •Driver based Planning •Expense ...
Enterprise Mobile Development Sourcebits We provide software design and development services for iPhone, Mobile, Mac, and the Web.
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