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Beta LaserMike  Beta LaserMike is a leading global provider of precision measurement, testing, and control solutions.
Audit Trail Software The measurement and control devices you use in your process are critical in making high quality product. If you need to lock these systems down to keep...
Biyn Development  Biyn Designs is the artistic and design branch of Biyn Development, LLC, a full service computer technology and design company.
Graphic Designs Let Biyn`s creative team combine its artistic talent and technological skills to make your project a success.
Blaxxun Technologies  MobileMultiGames GmbH with the blaxxun brand is a provider of real-time multi-user 3D applications and services for broadband connected devices.
3D Viewer 2 blaxxun3D is a lightweight Java applet based on the X3D core specification used to display 3D content in web browsers and other Java-enabled devices. It...
Avatar Studio 1 With blaxxun Avatar Studio 1.0, you can create your own personal avatar, a 3D character that you use can use to represent yourself in 3D virtual...
BlueStripe Software, Inc  Transaction Performance Management for IT Operations providing Transaction Monitoring, Application Performance Management, and IT Operations Management solutions
Application Performance Management 2.0 Revolutionizing APM for Today's Complex Environments Conventional Application Performance Management tools can no longer meet the needs of today's IT...
Complimentary Application Performance Assessment What Makes Your App Tick? Take a Few Minutes and Find Out BlueStripe can help you with application and transaction performance. If you're having issues,...
BMC Software, Inc  Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster, and stronger. That's why the most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on BMC Software across both distributed and mainframe environments. Recognized as the leader in...
BMC Application Performance Management Proactively detect and resolve application performance issues before they affect end users Simplify and automate management across application technologies...
BMC Performance Manager for Virtual Servers BMC Performance Manager for Virtual Servers provides real-time monitoring of the virtualized environment, generating events when critical availability and...
Boston Dynamics  Boston Dynamics is an engineering company that specializes in building dynamic robots and software for human simulation. The company began as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where National...
DI-Guy AI DI-Guy AI add brains to DI-Guy characters so they react instantly and intelligently to events and other characters in their world. DI-Guy AI lets you...
DI-Guy Motion Editor DI-Guy Motion Editor is a new tool that allow you to modify existing DI-Guy motions and create new ones from scratch. It has a powerful graphical user...
Bradly Associates  Bradly Associates specializes in developing and supplying the GINO range of Graphics and GUI solutions to the Scientific and Engineering marketplace.
GINO Bundle GINO Bundle is an extensive library of software routines for developing graphic data presentations and integrating them with existing applications.
Bureau Vertias  Since its foundation in 1828, the Bureau Veritas Group has consistently built recognized expertise, helping clients comply with standards and regulations relating to Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social...
Inspection / Audits We are able to carry out inspections of your facilities, equipment and products, and audits of your systems and processes against practically any...
CA Technologies  CA Technologies offers it management software and solutions for all of your business needs, from mainframe and physical to virtual and cloud.
CA NetQoS SuperAgent End-to-end application response time monitoring — without desktop or server agents. Monitor application response times and provide a consistent and common...
CA Wily Customer Experience Manager Measure the performance and quality of Web-based end-user transactions. Monitor performance from the high-level business process down to the transaction...
Cafesoft  Cafésoft`s mission is to provide easy-to-use, trustworthy and cost-effective web security solutions. This development effort has resulted in the creation of the Cams. Cams is web single sign-on security solution with...
Access Management The Cafésoft Access Management System (Cams) is an easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective security platform that centrally controls and monitors access...
Tomcat Security Tomcat security is user role-based and web container (somewhat web application) centric. Tomcat implements security as specified in the Java servlet...
Carmasoft  Carma Software is a dynamic, young software company with a new product. For 20 years, it operated in Cape Town, South Africa as Diamond Systems, a local supplier of customized software products. Diamond’s key area of...
Carma Carma deploys a personalized application profile emphasizing information access security, action and access auditing.Carma integrates and monitors all...
CAST Software  CAST is a supplier of application management options for improving the alignment of software applications with business needs, optimizing the use of development and maintenance resources. CAST delivers options for...
Cavad Asia  Independent company sourcing and distributing 3D and computer graphics related products.
Dosch Design 3D, computer graphic and video effects libraries to increase your productivity.
Xfrog Xfrog is a powerful application that adds capabilites for organic modeling inside other 3D applications. It can also be used as stand-alone software or a...
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Application Auditing Research Library

Developing procedures for your document control system
Interax Group, Inc.
Developing procedures for your document control system in any company or organization can be a long and arduous process - numerous meetings around conference tables trying to create the perfect procedure: this is an impossible task. In an increasingly regulated business world it is extremely important to have pertinent and precise policies and procedures for your document control system. By ...
Managing the Infrastructure for Optimal Application Performance
CA Technologies
IT professionals tasked with managing today’s dynamic and increasingly complex local- and wide-area networks are often judged by how well they can optimize availability and performance to provide a high-quality user experience. Thanks in large part to advances in the areas of dual power supplies, failover technologies and redundant routes, maintaining an acceptable level of availability has ...
Building a Web Application
Current web applications exist in an environment markedly different from the early days of businesses entering the Internet. They have become essential tools interconnecting organizations in ways never anticipated when the first web browsers were designed. These changes have occurred so rapidly that, in many ways, we’ve failed to adapt operational processes to meet current needs. This is ...
Managing Events Logs
This document illustrates how MS Event Logs are a powerful tool for network security. It includes important factors and a breakdown of activities in successful event log management as well as methods to enable effective event logging. This document is intended as a guide only. It aims to introduce the reader to issues that may be relevant to their organization, and to point out sources from ...
Handheld Application Guidebook
Wirehead Technology
Handhelds are a liberating technology for the mobile worker. The same cannot always be said for IT administrators grappling with the swirl of issues surrounding enterprise handheld deployment - or worse, turning the other way as handhelds creep in their back door. The journey into handheld deployment doesn't have to be a perilous one. Emerging enterprise solutions are empowering IT managers to ...

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Real Studio QuickStart: Creating a Web Application Real Software In this video Paul uses Real Studio to shows you how to create MapViewer, a simple web application to display map locations on a web page.
High Definition Application Performance Management OPNET Technologies, Inc. Complex application environments require complete, end-to-end information for application performance management. This hands-on OPNET demo provides a look ...
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