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Celerity Consulting Group  An information management consulting firm that provides services for companies in a legal, compliance or restructuring situation.
DrugNews is a prescription drug and medical device resource center designed to bring the latest information about research, side effects, warnings, recalls and legal action to the millions of people using these...
The LSC Group, Inc.  The LSC Group, Inc. is a litigation support solutions company. We focus on assisting our clients in the forensic collection, processing, production and web-hosted review of electronically stored information. For the...
MMC  MMC is the leading company of comprehensive Human Resources Outsourcing & HR Consulting services, offering support in aspects of HR compliance, administration and risk mitigation.
H5  H5 is the leading provider of e-discovery, technology-assisted review, and case preparation support. We help corporate counsel and their legal teams find the documents they need in the context of litigation,...

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Social Media and Litigation: Outlining eDiscovery Issues
In the last several years, social media has evolved from a geek’s toy to interact and connect with each other to a global phenomenon in which individuals and organizations of all types engage for business purposes. For purposes of this paper, however, the scope, including the case law cited, will be focused on the United States. Social media is a general term which refers to the use of Web-based ...
Court Opinions Show Path toward More Defensible Document Review
Court Opinions Show Path toward More Defensible Document Review1 By Kelly R. Young, Esq. A trio of recent opinions2 from two different U.S. district courts, including one issued in late May by U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grimm, suggest how discovery of electronically stored information (“ESI”) will be conducted in the very near future. Of more immediate import, however, the three opinions provide ...
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InfoGlobe Software Services
let your document communicate professionally One-stop service provider of technical documentation and graphic designs Focus – Provide cost-effective and quality documentation service Transparent and Honest business partner for you Highly work-driven, self-motivated, professional and ambitious
10 Ways to Stop Service 10 Ways to Stop Service 10 Ways to Stop Service 10 Ways to Stop Service 10 Ways to Stop Service 10 Ways
 CSDP Corporation
© 2012 Customer Service Delivery Platform Corporation 1. We’ve fixed something that was out of warranty and didn’t get paid for it .....................3 2. We’re unable to deliver proactive service................................. ........................................ ..........3 3. Our service technicians don’t have the right parts on hand to make repairs. .................4 4. We’ve ...
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Managed Services for Vulnerability Management Market Landscape Although today’s networks are increasingly complex and difficult to manage, securing an organization’s assets from the rising number of attempts to exploit weaknesses remains a key business objective, as does achieving compliance. Many companies lack the depth of technical skills or dedicated resources to effectively achieve these ...

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Barracuda Backup Service 5.0 with LiveBoot Optrics Engineering The Barracuda Backup Service 5.0 now features Barracuda LiveBoot™ for VMware, offering unprecedented capabilities in data center continuity and disaster ...
Barracuda Networks TV: Discover Barracuda Backup Service Optrics Engineering The Barracuda Backup Service is an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution. Combining local and offsite ...
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