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InstaIntranet Work Smarter, Not Harder  For small to middle-sized organizations who wish to benefit from Intranet technologies, InstaIntranet can maximize your... is now WebEx WebOffice. WebExOne is a provider of on-demand, online collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.
Database Manager Our Online Database Manager allows you to organize, store and share your important business information with ease.
Online Calendar The Online Calendar allows you to keep track of your business and personal appointments, group meetings, events, and company-wide functions.
aspSonic  aspSonic Web modules enable Web developers to easily and cost-effectively build or upgrade Web sites.
Calendar Whether to inform visitors about your forthcoming activities or to actively promote events you are organizing, this sophisticated component provides a...
Calendar Slide Show This module provides a truly dynamic feel to any Web site and is particularly effective mechanism for displaying product ranges or other visual information.
Digger Solutions 
Intranet Open Source Intranet Open Source is an active server pages intranet that began life as an intranet developed for a previous employer. The application grew and grew and...
Newsletter Open Source Newsletter Open Source is an active server pages e-newsletter. This project is the sibling to Intranet Open Source in many ways.
Intersites  Intersites is a software engineering firm providing Web application consulting and development services.
SiteSolution SiteSolution is a Web site framework. The framework can be extended by adding SiteModules.
Intraware  Your customers demand the latest software updates and self-administration tools to help them manage their valuable software assets, and they expect you to know what versions they're running.
Enterprise TBYB Service Intraware's SubscribeNet Enterprise TBYB Service enables software publishers to accelerate the sales process, minimize marketing costs, and eliminate...
Licensing Engine Complex licensing can result from natural product evolution or acquisition. Intraware's SubscribeNet simplifies the ongoing execution of complex licensing...
LWINET  LWINET was founded in 1991 to provide information technology services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.
Litigation Support Services Today, lawyers face the daunting task of 'discovering' electronic data. The data are in various formats, but we can help make it all easier.
Workgroup Solutions LWINET Workgroup Solutions is a powerful turnkey Intranet environment designed for long- and short-term small business collaboration.
NST Systems 
SiteStation 5.0 SiteStation 5.0 allows you to easily create searchable dynamic public Web sites that are maintained by non-technical staff.
Rulespower  Rulespower was founded in May 2001 by business process visionary Steven Minsky and business rules guru Charles Forgy, PhD.
Task Manager The Rulespower Task Manager addresses the human element of process integration, and captures information regarding individuals and their roles.
SolutionPlanet  SolutionPlanet's main goal has always been to develop and market off-the-shelf products.
admin-on-air Admin-on-Air installs on your Domino server and will extend the reach of server monitoring and administration to your wireless device.
crm-on-air CRM-on-Air is designed with ease of use, simplicity, and versatility as guidelines.
SQBox Solutions  SQBox Solutions specializes in the development of packaged intranet solutions.
Out-of-the-Box Intranet Software Content Management and Formatting Editor makes it so your users can format their intranet content just like in Word.
Sprezzatura Systems  Sprezzatura is me, Ellen Ferlazzo, for the most part, although I have a wonderful network of marketing and engineering folks I can bring into a larger project, if necessary. I have been in the software consulting business...
Newsletter An electronic newsletter provides you with an affordable means of staying in touch with your clients, potential clients, vendors, and associates. Building a...
Mesh Software  Mesh Software's mission is to help companies build a truly unified enterprise information management system using XML-enabled technologies.
Channel Manager Mesh Software solution ensures that all the authoring and content updates are done only in the content repository.
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Case Study - Intranet
Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd
Raybiztech develops Intranet solutions for leading engineering solutions company.
Crossing the Full-Text Search
dtSearch Corp
Where individual PCs can store gigabytes of data, and enterprise Intranets and public sites terabytes of data, finding the correct document (or Web page) requires a complete arsenal of full-text indexed and fielded data search tools. While this combination makes sense for the end-user, from a development perspective, these two approaches to data are very different — the equivalent of “apples and ...
5 Best Practices that Drive Paid Search ROI
Coremetrics, an IBM Company
Search has become the entryway to the broader Internet for millions, as more and more people learn that it’s easier to get to a site with search than to type a long URL into the browser. Search allows people to type in a word or two and be presented with a list of relevant sites, enabling them to quickly find what they are looking for. Search not only cuts out awkward keystrokes, it also corrects ...
Yahoo Continues to Search for its Identity
Technology Business Research, Inc
Yahoo reported lackluster results in the fourth quarter, as the company posted double-digit year-to-year revenue decline but dramatic margin improvement as a result of aggressive cost-cutting initiatives. Another round of headcount reductions, completed in 4Q10, and the discontinuation of additional Yahoo sites will benefit Yahoo’s cost structure in 1H11. After accounting for one-time items and ...
In Search of the Optimal Identity and Access Management Architecture
Traditionally, engineers attempt to balance the selection of individual components that go into a system by finding the best technologies to achieve the overall design objectives. We are taught early on not simply to choose what is most familiar, comfortable, or the “obvious choice,” but rather, to focus on identifying the limitations of the components to make sure they do not compromise the ...

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Searching for Documents - FileHold Document Management Software FileHold Systems Inc. Searching for documents in the document management system is very simple and intuitive. Never lose track of a document again with an always available ...
Searching for Starbucks on a Blackberry Performics
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