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IP Infusion Inc.  IP Infusion is a leading provider of intelligent network software solutions for enhanced IP services. IP Infusion's advanced control plane software and expert professional services enable equipment vendors, service...

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Standard Names For Versions Of The SNMP Protocol
InterWorking Labs, Inc.
Standard Names For Versions Of The SNMP Protocol Note that IETF standards-track documents have status of "proposed", "draft", "full", "experimental", or "historic". Note that at this time only the SNMPv1 protocol has widespread usage and is an Internet (full) standard. There currently exists the following versions of the SNMP protocol: · SNMPv1 - (full) the original version, defined by RFC ...
Network Protocol Testing Overview
InterWorking Labs, Inc.
With today's Internet now serving as a utility, Internet stakeholders demand five nines reliability; the network has to be operational 99.999% of the time. This new requirement means that the developers and manufacturers of network enabled devices and applications must do something they have never done before: deliver feature-rich products, on- time, with high quality. Meeting the new demand for ...
The LightBee Protocol Stack for Wireless Sensor Networks
SySDSoft, Inc. – White Paper The LightBee Protocol Stack for Wireless Sensor Networks 1 Overview of the LightBee Protocol Stack Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are envisioned to consist of hundreds to thousands of small-footprint autonomous nodes each with sensing, computation, and wireless communication capabilities. These nodes are provided with the ability to form dynamic network topologies ...
Voice over IP Networks: Managing the SIP Protocol With Link Balancers
Elfiq, Inc.
SIP is the most widely used protocol for Voice over IP (VoIP) network communications, from retail service offerings to global enterprise deployments. SIP is supported by all the major VoIP and networking suppliers and manufacturers, and VoIP service providers as well. The use of ISP redundancy and balancing products must be planned according to key elements defined in this document to ensure ...
Using a Gateway Antivirus to Guard the Enterprise Protocol Spectrum
Cyberoam - Elitecore Technologies
Internet is omnipresent. It has shrunk the world and has been tremendously beneficial. However, on the flip side, this shrunken virtual world is not free of threats. New blended threats have reared, rendering single security solutions inadequate. In the present scenario, Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions guiding the network gateway have come in vogue. A standard UTM broadly comprises of ...

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Step 3a: Stand Alone Power LogOn Configuration Access Smart, LLC Power LogOn gives IT the ability to install either on a stand alone sytem or within a server/network environments. To make this process easier to ...
Embracing BYOD with Mobile Device Management MaaS360 by Fiberlink It's a Bring Your Own Device World. Companies, schools, hospitals and other organizations must find ways to rapidly adopt protocols to let people access ...
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