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TIBCO Software Inc  TIBCO digitized Wall Street in the `80s with its event-driven 'Information Bus' software, which helped make real-time business a strategic differentiator in the `90s. Today, TIBCO`s infrastructure software gives customers...

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Challenges and Solutions in Multi-Channel Retailing
Junction Solutions
Challenges and Solutions Challenges and Solutions in Multi-Channel Retailing in Multi-Channel Retailing By: Dr. Debra L Zahay, Zahay Inc. Holly Haines and Richard Irwin, Junction Solutions To outline challenges and solutions in multi-channel P urpose: retailing that can be addressed through software and data solutions, particularly multi-channel data integration. W ho should Marketing ...
Secure Multi-Tenancy for SAP
THE CHALLENGE: COMPLEX, COSTLY SAP LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT As SAP landscapes grow to support more and more business-critical applications, the job of maintaining those landscapes becomes increasingly complex. The process of keeping SAP software, related databases, and operating system software up to date; managing data migrations and business process changes; and backing up and protecting data along ...
The Advantages of Software-Based Content Security in a Multi-Device, Multi-Service Pay-TV World
Verimatrix, Inc.
The Advantages of Software-Based Content Security in a Multi-Device, Multi-Service Pay-TV World Video has evolved from a simple service watched on conventional television to a complex offering of services watched “anything, anywhere, anytime.” Hardware-based security solutions, or smart cards, were developed in a period when video was watched exclusively on television sets, using set-top ...
The Multi-Router Approach to a Profitable Network Edge Routers
TeleChoice Inc.
Carriers have successfully delivered basic services from the network for years, but are facing challenges maintaining or even achieving profitability with their IP deployments. This is in the face of unprecedented scrutiny from their investors and a financial environment that supports very little new capital expenditures. They have identified the network edge as key to driving additional revenue ...
PanTerra Networks
Cloud‐UC Versus Leasing a PBX: Key Benefits to Cloud‐UC Executive Summary Implementing an on‐premise communications system often starts with a consideration of a multi‐year leased PBX; a solution that does carry the advantage of allowing a company to forego a large up‐front capital expense in favor of a predictable monthly payment with a service guarantee. Success in a hyper‐competitive ...

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Maximizing Embedded Database Performance on Multi-core and Mult-disk Hardware Raima Inc. This presentation given by Raima's Chief Architect discusses RDM Embedded 10's distributed architecture which allows maximum utilization of today's ...
Getting Started with SoftXpand MultiSeat Desktop Virtualization CrossTec Corporation Getting Started with SoftXpand -- Initial Setup and Installation brought to you by CrossTec This video will show you how to get started with your ...
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