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Multiprotocol Label Switching

ITquotes  IT and telecom solutions providers for voice, data, Internet and wireless services for more than 100 providers. Services include T1 Lines, Metro Ethernet, Fiber Internet, ISDN PRI, Lease Lines, Point to Point, Wireless...
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Safe? Threats to Network Security (produced by Telephony Magazine)
Arbor Networks
Service providers around the world, eager to obtain the operational and competitive advantages of new technologies, are accelerating their deployment of networks built with IP and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). Although there clearly is a broad range of benefits available from these new networks and associated services, there is an equally broad range of security threats that can ...
Multiservice Edge Platforms Pave a Smooth Migration Path to Next-Generation Networks
The competitive pressures of today’s marketplace pose three major challenges for service providers. They must continue to provide slow-growing but profitable existing services — Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay (FR) and private line — to an enormous installed base of users. At the same time, they have to position themselves to deliver new rapid-growth services, such as Ethernet and ...
ATM Transport in Mobile Networks with Tellabs 8600 Managed Edge System
ATM Transport in Mobile Networks with Tellabs® 8600 Managed Edge System MPLS is the latest technology for telecommunication networks that enables the transport of existing Layer 2 protocols like ATM and Frame Relay as well as new services carried on Ethernet or IP. Executive Summary Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a transport protocol in 3G Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Radio Access ...
MSP in Converged Environment
NEC Corporation of America
In today's telecom environment, Internet Protocol (IP) is the driving force behind insatiable demand for information, capacity and distance-independent connectivity. This demand is requiring service providers to build an infrastructure that consists of equipment that can provide and deliver enormous amounts of bandwidth to end-users. Today, IP, optical networking and wireless are the underlying ...
IDC Topline - Delivering the Business Benefits of Cloud with IP VPN
With the rapid improvement in economic conditions in the Asia/Pacific region, companies are driving their internal organizations to capture as many opportunities as possible. CIOs, in response to this change, are tightening the alignment between IT strategy and line of business (LOB) requirements to ensure their company continues to lead in today's fast-changing marketplace. This has inevitably ...

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DKM FX Video and Peripheral Matrix Switching System Black Box Network Services Our technical engineer Garrett Swindell presents an overview of the DKM FX, next-generation matrix switching. This modular, flexible system enables ...
EnterpriseIQ Warehouse Management IQMS The Warehouse Management System (WMS) within EnterpriseIQ allows manufacturers more control over their inventory. With standard, 2D and 3D barcode ...
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