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Optimizing the Virtualized Data Center
With the continuing adoption of server virtualization technology, customers want to use the flexibility provided by virtual machines (VMs) to improve application availability. How to move applications within a server cluster or data center is well understood today. However, transparent mobility across data centers requires architectures that balance workload mobility, disaster avoidance, and ...
Server and Storage Virtualization
The Benefits of Combining Server and Storage Virtualization Server virtualization is an important step toward improving overall IT efficiency. Virtual machine technology reduces the complexity and management of disparate server hardware and OS platforms. Nonetheless, server virtualization is only one component in a truly virtual enterprise infrastructure. Another critical component is storage ...
Optimal Storage Virtualization
Xiotech Corporation
Optimal Storage Virtualization The Key to Effective Information Management The term “storage virtualization” has been around for awhile, but many storage vendors offer differing interpretations of what storage virtualiza- tion actually is. In this paper, Xiotech, the company that first delivered optimal storage virtualization for open systems, provides a practical, working approach to the ...
The Value of Storage Virtualization
FalconStor Software
Virtualization has become a buzzword in technology circles, but what exactly it is—and what it is not—have been variously and vaguely defined. This white paper addresses the specific topic of storage virtualization. Presented within a context of related issues in storage networking, storage virtualization is defined, its benefits are presented, and its features detailed. It is… Storage ...
The Role of Layer 4-7 Services in Scaling Applications for the Cloud-Computing Data Center
Cisco Systems: Intelligent Automation
Cloud-computing applications are characterized by stateful access, with differentiated service levels, charged to the end user using the pay-per-use pricing model. Implicit in this model is the assumption that a cloud application is always on. Scaling the cloud delivery model to an Internet scale (millions of users) is a challenge that next-generation Layer 4-7 infrastructure needs to ...

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Getting Started with SoftXpand MultiSeat Desktop Virtualization CrossTec Corporation Getting Started with SoftXpand -- Initial Setup and Installation brought to you by CrossTec This video will show you how to get started with your ...
The Value of Storage Virtualization for Business Continuity FalconStor Software
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