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Veryx Technologies  Veryx Technologies offers innovative and cost-effective products to test applications in Access, Carrier Ethernet, Data Center, Edge, Enterprise, Industrial and Security domains for both Network Equipment Manufacturers...
Protocol Conformance Test Suites Ensure Network Equipments Conform to L2 Protocols, IPv4, IPv6, Carrier Ethernet OAM, CE 2.0, MEF 9, MEF 14, G.8032, Y.1564 and Network Security Protocols.
Service Assurance Test Ensure Service Delivery Capabilities of the network. Test for Service Activation (Y.1564), Monitoring (Y.1731, 802.3 ag, 802.3 ah) and Troubleshooting. Also...
Telco Systems  Telco Systems provides a diverse product family of robust Carrier Ethernet and MPLS demarcation ,aggregation and management for business services, mobile backhaul ,cloud networking. The solutions provides enhanced QoS,...
T-marc 340 Ethernet Service Demarcation and Extension Solution

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Patton Whitepaper:  VoIP - Addressing QoS Beyond the Provider Network
Patton Electronics
VoIP Addressing QoS Beyond the Provider Network Copyright Copyright © 2008, Patton Electronics Company. All rights reserved. This White Paper explores the issue of voice quality in VoIP networking and current status of QoS technologies and implementations in today's IP networks. We discuss the QoS mechanisms SmartNode™ employs to ensure the best-possible voice quality over the ...
CORP-White Paper-US-IntroducingVirtualPrivateDataCenterwithMultipleLevelsofQoS
Savvis Inc
Introducing the Dynamic and Scalable Data Center Virtual Private Data Centers with Multiple QoS levels deliver scalable capacity while minimizing costs Ken Owens Technical VP - Security and Server Technologies Table of Contents 2 Introduction 2 Overview 3 Defining the VPDC 5 Scalable Components 6 Architectural Overview 7 Service Profiles 8 Service Catalog 8 Cloud OS 9 Summary Introduction The ...
Efficient QoS-based Uplink Scheduling in IEEE 802.16e Mobile Stations  The LightB
High-speed mobile access to Internet services has been driving the cellular industry to look for new technologies beyond 2.5 and 3G, such as, HSPA, EVDO, and LTE. Moreover, while WiFi networks provide the ubiquity and high-date rates, they fail to provide true mobility and extended range. In response, the IEEE 802 group worked on extending the IEEE 802.16-2004 (previously known as 802.16d) [1]. ...
Performance Design Verification in Automotive A/C
CAS Dataloggers
Performance Design Verification in Automotive A/C Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton needed to test the air conditioning performance of its newly developed A/C system installed in their new Proton Persona 1.6 M-Line test car. During these rigorous tests, air conditioning performance was confirmed under several different test patterns measuring such factors as ambient temperatures and air ...
VoIP in Industrial Networks
Patton Electronics
Implementing VoIP quality of service (QoS) for reli- able voice communication over Industrial Ethernet Ethernet is fast becoming the preferred method for all industrial communications—including voice and other real-time traffic that is sensitive to delay and data loss. This white paper explains how VoIP QoS classi- fies, prioritizes, and shapes traffic to provide reliable voice communications ...

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20 Mile Wireless Microteck Video Surveillance AvaLAN Wireless
QoS Verification AvaLAN Wireless Technology

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