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FutureSoft, Inc  FutureSoft's expertise in networking and security technology helps organizations protect their most critical informational and IT assets from attack. Our technology enables organizations to reduce legal liabilities,...
DynaComm® UTS & Web-UTS The DynaComm UTS products deliver comprehensive and reliable Unisys UTS terminal emulation to 32-bit Windows® users. Providing full terminal support for...
Tredent Data Systems, Inc.  Since 1983, Tredent Data Systems (TDS) has been providing solutions for data communications needs. Started in 1983 by John and Gloria Tredent, TDS provided growing companies with ways to connect remote locations back to...
Linktropy WAN Emulators Apposite Technologies makes WAN emulation easy by offering high-precision network emulation tools with unmatched ease-of-use at unbeatable...
Apposite Technologies  Linktropy and Netropy WAN emulators simulate bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss, and congestion to test the performance of applications over the WAN.
Linktropy 5500 WAN Emulator emulates WAN bandwidth, delay, and loss up to 1 Gbps.
Linktropy 8500 WAN Emulator emulates bandwidth, delay, loss, jitter, congestion up to 1 Gbps for 4 separate links.
iTrinegy Inc  iTrinegy develops products that enable companies to address the whole Networked Application Performance Lifecycle from initial design & development of applications, through testing, QA, to production rollout and ongoing...
INE Compact Small, silent desktop network emulator capable of replicating WAN, Wirelss, Satellite and other types of network.
INE Enterprise Multi-User/Multi-Site/Multi-Path Network Emulator
Elfiq, Inc.  Elfiq Networks is a leader in bandwidth management, enabling usage of multiple Internet connections concurrently for performance and business continuity.
Elfiq LB-1500E The Elfiq LB-1500E is a 1U rack mount Internet and WAN link management system that delivers enterprise-class features and performance, but is affordable for...
InterWorking Labs, Inc.  InterWorking Labs is saving the world from network failures with their SilverCreek, SNMP Test Suite v1, v2c, and v3 testing products, and their Mini Maxwell, Maxwell G, and Maxwell Pro Network Emulators and Protocol...
Maxwell Pro Network Emulator Maxwell can induce conditions that cause adverse network conditions, allowing network engineers to fix bugs and solve network problems.
Mini Maxwell Network Emulator The Mini Maxwell is an easy to use, portable, network emulator that has a web based user interface that's accessible from any location.
Telnet Networks Inc.  Telnet Networks provides solutions and services which allow you to successfully assess and predict the performance of new applications on your converged network. We can help you achieve network reliability through...
CT966 LANforge-ICE 10 Gbps WAN Emulator - 64-bit The CT966 is an excellent choice for a 1U rack-mount network emulator supporting speeds up to 2.4 Gbps/OC-48 (bi-directional) or 4.8 Gbps when traffic load...
EMPIRIX  Empirix leads the market in service quality assurance for new IP communications.
Hammer DEX Building a complete test bed for device isolation testing with the required, surrounding network infrastructure is difficult and extremely costly –each...
iBASEt  Solumina is an Operations Process Management (OPM) software suite that manages work and quality processes for the manufacturing and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) of highly engineered products.
Enterprise Information Systems iBASEt’s Enterprise Technology sector delivers world-class Information Technology (IT) engineering and maintenance solutions. Our experts bring a wide array...
Operative Software Products  Operative Software Products focus on system monitoring and deploying IT infrastructure, batch job scheduling, network protocol and application performance analyzers, test tools for software, network traffic generation...
LANforge Ice LANforge ICE is a WAN or Network impaiment simulator.
Router Delay Simulator Router Delay Simulators are appliances that simulate WAN links. The appliances are designed to be connected to routers or modems.
Honore Consulting Inc  Honore Consulting offerings include: assessment services, installation services, Cyber Security , configuration services, migration services, consolidation and virtualization services as well as integration and...
thinkASG  IBM, AWS, Microsoft, O365, NetApp, VMware, Systems Integrator, Cloud, Collaboration, Mobility, Security

WANEM - Product Reviews

iTrinegy – AppQoS Live!
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

iTrinegy’s AppQoS Live! allows users to monitor network application performance on any laptop or desktop without having to install any software. Users insert a CD and the computer instantly becomes a network application monitoring device. AppQoS Live!, along with the entire line of iTrinegy products, helps companies manage application performance issues, de-risk application roll-outs and optimize network utilization.

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Software virtual networks new battle field for cyber-warrior attack emulations

The software virtual network (SVN) allows the US military to test whether its countermeasures are up to the task of disabling viruses, worms and other malware. No problem if they don’t work the first time; the real network has not been affected. "[B]eing able to create an emulation in synthetic space gives you a nondestructive infrastructure where you can do multiple iterations, multiple variations, and not have to consume a lot of time and dollars and hardware just to do those tests," according to Steve Norry, director of engineering at Scalable Network Technologies.

Norry goes on to say that "In the simulations that network designers use, the message always gets through to the recipient. But if you want to test whether interference or dropped packets or any number of real-world problems are going to adversely affect your network before you deploy it, then you need to use the real-time emulation of our software virtual network."

This technology is filtering down to the private sector because, although the consequences of cyber attacks on their systems will not be as dire as ones on the military, they still need to find nondestructive ways to stress-test their systems to indentify security gaps so that they can determine how to plug these holes. Pinpointing interference from TV towers and tall buildings can also be accomplished with this WAN emulation tool.

Best-in-Class WAN Emulation Providers:

  • Able to accurately determine bandwidth requirements to minimize bandwidth cost
  • Enables multiple users to run different emulations at the same time
  • Can test VoIP and video conferencing performance

Top Considerations Before Selecting WAN Emulation Provider:

The capabilities and cost of the products available in the marketplace is wide ranging. Thought needs to go into what your company’s needs are today and what they might be in the near future so that you don’t buy an underperforming solution because you are put off by the higher price tags on the more complex products. Troubleshooting capabilities are very helpful. In addition, some models allow emulations on redundant, backup and multi-home connections.

Key Providers:

1. iTrinegy Inc.'s Enterprise (INE Enterprise), which is designed to enable simultaneous multi-user/multi-site testing of applications, was chosen as finalist by Network Computing in the 2010 Best Testing & Monitoring Products. Other WAN Emulation products are: iTrinegy Compact (INE Compact), a small, affordable, silent and inline network simulator; INE for Windows which enables a LAN network to behave like a WAN, Wireless, GPRS/3G, Satellite, or other non-LAN network; LCD (INE-LCD) whose small size makes it easy to transport and use in the field; and Ultra (INE Ultra), a Next Generation network emulator that replicates high speed, high volume networks for large scale testing. iTrinegy Limited is a privately owned company registered in England and Wales that operates in the Americas through iTrinegy Inc. In 2008, Itheon Networks changed its name to iTrinegy.

2. Shunra Software, Ltd.’s VE Desktop for HP Software enables LAN-based, load testing environments to include real-world, WAN emulation of the production environment. Shunra reports that it is the “only company providing both hardware and software network emulator products and professional services that address the needs of all IT groups throughout the application development lifecycle.” Shunra's solutions and services are used for: data center consolidation; application performance readiness testing; VoIP testing; website testing and WAN optimization technology testing. Shunra has offices in the US, Israel, the UK and Singapore and has a global network of channel partners.

3. Apposite Technologies, Inc. has a wide range of WAN emulator products from the Linktropy Mini2, a portable, low cost WAN emulator designed “to emulate basic WAN conditions for customer and trade show demonstrations of networking products” to the Linktropy 7500 PRO that “emulates terrestrial, wireless, satellite, internet and other wide area networks to test applications under a spectrum of real-world conditions.” Customers include corporations, vendors, telecoms carriers, test labs and government and military offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. This private company is located in Los Angeles, California.

4. Santa Cruz, CA-based InterWorking Labs offers a free trial of its emulation solutions comprising: Mini Maxwell,  portable, low-cost network emulator; SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite which has  more than 1,000 powerful tests and 11 tools; Boreal - SNMP Security and Vulnerability Test Suite which verifies robustness of network devices; SNMP Agent Simulator enabling the creation of a customizable virtual environment populated with network devices; Maxwell, the Network Emulator (with protocol impairments) allows  modification, distortion, and corruption of the flow of network traffic; TCP/IP Test Environment consisting of TCP/IP Test Suite for Security and Vulnerability with both IPv4 and IPv6; and SIP Test Environment - SIP Test Suite for Security and Vulnerability.

WAN Emulation
Definition: A wide area network (WAN) enables computers in one location to communicate with computers from another by connecting local area networks (LAN) together. WAN or network emulation is a technique typically involving the  introducing a device on the WAN that enables study of an existing, planned or underperforming network to assess performance. Unlike simulation, emulation appears to be a network.


WANEM Research Library

Application Testing Over Networks
iTrinegy Inc
Learn why testing applications in a LAN environment should only be done if the applications will only traverse the LAN. If the applications are expected to work within the WAN, then testing in an emulated environment is the only reasonable solution to guarantee acceptable performance in non-LAN networks. The problem is that software performance testing is still usually only conducted over the ...
Causes and Correlation of Network Impairments
InterWorking Labs, Inc.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the ways in which networks may be imperfect and how we evaluate and deal with those limitations. What do we mean by the "imperfect network"? There is no such thing as a perfect network. The laws of physics and mathematics impose limitations that are random (such as noise on copper or fiber optic cables, or hardware or software failures in routers and ...
Limitations of ICMP Echo for network measurement
InterWorking Labs, Inc.
Limitations of ICMP Echo for network measurement Many engineers assume that ICMP Echo, more familiar as "ping", is a valid tool for measuring the performance and behavior of the internet. That assumption is incorrect. Ping is a tool of value mainly for determining whether connectivity exists or not. Ping is a weak tool for measuring delay, variation in delay (jitter), and throughput. · What are ...
Making Cloud Computing Soar with Managed Internet Access
Elfiq, Inc.
Cloud computing has established itself in 2010 as a viable long-term business networking paradigm, and organizations of any size and anywhere on the globe can benefit from its innovations. Many organizations are using cloud networks to facilitate business continuity and disaster recovery and cut costs by using hosted servers, as well as making use of cloud-based services such as storage or Web- ...
Network Emulation FAQ
InterWorking Labs, Inc.
Understanding Modelers, Emulators, and Simulators FAQ In network impairment testing, there are modelers, emulators, and simulators. They all have different roles to play. Modelers: Network modelers represent phenomenon as a set of mathematical equations. A network modeler lets you define traffic volumes, flows, network architectures, etc. So you can visualize the application performance, and do ...


Elfiq Alliance Partner: Jean Julien / Victrix Elfiq, Inc. Video testimonial on the benefits of conducting business with Elfiq Networks by Mr. Jean Julien, director at Les Solutions Victrix. For more customer ...
Elfiq Alliance Partner: Sean Gorman / Safety NetAccess Elfiq, Inc. Video testimonial on the benefits of conducting business with Elfiq Networks by Mr. Sean Gorman, President & CEO, Safety NetAccess Inc. For more customer ...
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