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<  1  2  3  4  5  6  11  17  > is the creator of SmartDraw, software that helps you work smarter by communicating visually. Because people are six times more likely to retain and understand information presented to them visually,...
Network Intelligence  Network Intelligence Corp. is an innovator in Security Event Management.
Rivo Software Ltd.  Rivo Software serves a global client base from offices in the UK and USA. With clients in 71 countries, Rivo provides an enterprise level software solution, Safeguard, to manage business risk and compliance. Safeguard is...
Vela's Network Security Services  Vela Network Security provides monitoring and notification solutions designed to maintain the security of your network environment.
TriGeo Network Security  TriGeo Network Security is focused on Security Event Management.
Layton Technology  Layton Technology is a global developer of IT auditing and help desk software solutions. Our Windows-based suite of products enables companies to manage and internally support their technology assets, enterprise-wide, to...
Layton Technology  Layton Technology is a privately owned company with its head office in Tampa, Florida, USA. We have other offices around the world in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
Front Range  front range
Vyapin Software Systems (P) Ltd  VYAPIN develops solutions for Systems, Security, Migration and Compliance management. Our software products for the Microsoft infrastructure assist in Systems Administration, Configuration Tracking and Reporting, Systems...
NetworkView Software  NetworkView was developed because it is the kind of software you need every day
Coactive Networks  Coactive Networks connects networks to the real world, extending Internet access to all of the devices, appliances, and computers in our homes and businesses.
Netilla Networks  Netilla Networks has focused on providing manageable solutions for making business networks accessible for diverse groups of users securely.
Aruba Networks  People move. Networks must follow. Aruba securely delivers networks to users, wherever they work or roam, using a combination of award-winning solutions: Adaptive 802.11n Wi-Fi networks optimize themselves to ensure...
Aruba 6000 Controller Aruba's family of controllers are purpose-built network infrastructure devices designed to address a wide range of wireless and wired network mobility,...
RF Protect Aruba's RFprotect system represents the best of breed overlay wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIDP) system.
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Network Audit Software - Product Reviews

Network audit and compliance tools form a fractured market, but integrated solutions and network analysis provide a look ahead.

Network audit and compliance software should give network managers a complete view of their network at all times, plus allow for quick action when necessary to act against vulnerabilities, threats, losses or compliance infractions. Open source tools can often meet basic needs, and disparate point solutions are still common as audit and compliance software matures.

Trends for network audit and compliance software are products that perform integrity monitoring for real-time file integrity and device configuration monitoring. Network collection and forensics tools are emerging to top traditional signature-based capabilities. Audit and compliance software should allow governance across all functional areas, offer a simple interface, and be comprehensive, looking at the entire network, as well as devices and ports,

Best-in-Class Network Audit and Compliance Software Features:

  • Easily allows organizations to meet industry security configuration standards and government regulations
  • Offers change and configuration management to ensure that network changes meet regulations, with zero downtime
  • Provides for governance across many functional areas in an organization to move toward an integrated approach

Top Considerations before Buying Network Audit and Compliance Software Products:

Look for an integrated compliance approach to avoid management headaches around point solutions and manual processes. Smarter network analysis and forensics can spot potential problems quickly and with less work from IT. Consider whether an agentless approach could work, and look for solutions that allow configuration changes with zero downtime. And network audit and compliance software should always ensure that system changes don’t violate government regulations.

Key Products:

1. nCircle Suite360 provides automated security and compliance auditing through an agentless product line. It can audit IT functionality across a global network, with automatic vulnerability discovery, audits for configuration compliance and file integrity monitoring. nCircle aims for an overall view of an organization’s IT to eliminate having to manage separate products. Using an agentless product means that nCircle audits all assets and devices, including IP phones, routers, switches, firewalls and printers. Dashboards and automated reports add to ease of use.

2. APEX Analytix offers audit technology and services, including accounts payable, retail and sales tax audits, and contract and freight compliance. They provide comprehensive reports around each audit, and include contract compliance, best practice implementation, spend analysis and benchmarking, among others. Their FirstStrike Fraud Detect continuous monitoring program examines vendor fraud to report on high-risk situations and transactions. APEX claims that it achieves a 95% to 99% prevention rate, which has been borne out by followup audits.

3. NetWrix Corporation develops solutions that simplify the management of Windows networks and automate systems management and compliance. Their primary offerings focus on regulatory compliance, identity management and change auditing for changes to system configurations. They also offer freeware, like a disk space monitor, inactive users tracker, password expiration notifier, USB blocker and VMware change reporter. Some freeware tools have advanced commercial versions available.

4. Polivec’s EGS Policy Center integrates the management of risk and governance across the enterprise. Administrators can create and store policies to meet regulations, with all procedures and tasks in one place. The solution also informs employees, collects real-time compliance data, highlights compliance lapses and signal management of lapses. It also includes policy review and version and access control. Polivec’s customers are in financial, government, retail, energy, healthcare, entertainment and high technology.

5. BrainTree Technology makes dbDataFinder software, which scans an enterprise to pinpoint sources of confidential data as well as additional subsets, copies, and exports of that data. It can identify files and databases that contain confidential data, payment card information or customer data, within spreadsheets, Access databases, Oracle and SQL RDBMS and other document and file types. Their solutions are designed to ensure PCI and customer data, as well as confidential and privacy-related data.

Network Systems Management (Audit and Compliance Software)
Definition: Network Systems Management refers to the activities, methods, procedures and tools that pertain to the operation, administration and provisioning of networked systems. A common way of characterizing network management functions is FCAPS – Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security.


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