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AccelPro Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.  Best SSL VPN Solution. Fastest SSL VPN Solution.
AccelPro Fastest SSL VPN
Ovisgate  OvisGate is a browser-based SSL VPN software solution for Windows. It builds a virtual private network on the Internet in minutes. No client hardware or software needs to be installed. With OvisGate SSL VPN software...
SSL VPN OvisGate's SSL VPN offers an intuitive browser-based interface. It uses standard SSL encryption and Web browser technology to overcome access challenges,...
NeoAccel  NeoAccel produces a family of next generation network security products sold internationally through OEMs, channel, and directly including SSL VPN-Plus, and NAM-Plus.Plus.
SSL VPN-Plus NeoAccel`s SSL VPN-Plus eliminates TCP-over-TCP meltdown and performance-sapping context switching associated with conventional SSL VPNs.
Santrum Networks Inc  Santrum Networks provides a variety of sharing applications for home and office, and develops file and music sharing, remote desktop, conference and presentation and distributed SSL-VPN based on distributed computing...
DSTi No matter where you located, as long as you get online, you can host online meeting with your customers, make presentation to your boss, co-edit the same...
DSTi Access Server, Collaboration and SSL VPN Santrum`s DSTi Access Server is an online collaboration solution based on P2P and SSL VPN architecture, providing users a secure and virtual network to work...
PortWise  PortWise is a developer of identity and access management software, delivering a secure application access platform that includes end-point security, two-factor authentication, clientless SSL VPN, advanced policy...
PortWise 4.5 PortWise 4.5 is a comprehensive, integrated, and completely secure software platform for identity and access management.
Array Networks Inc  Array Networks is a global leader in enterprise secure application delivery and universal access solutions for rapidly growing SSL VPN and application acceleration markets. More than 5,000 customers worldwide – including...
SPX Series Universal Access Controllers The Array Networks SPX Series UAC enables anytime, anywhere secure access for remote employees to e-mails, files, intranets and applications.
Asavie Technologies  Asavie Technologies Limited develops and markets AccessMyLan, a hosted secure remote access service for operators and service providers. Founded in 2004, Asavie is led by a team with extensive experience in the...
AccessMyLan AccessMyLan is a hosted remote access VPN service that provides secure access to any office or corporate network from remote PCs, laptops, mobile phones and...
Permeo Technologies  Permeo enables organizations to realize the full potential of business applications while reducing the overall risk of attack.
ASG 5.1 Permeo ASG is a software-based application security gateway that serves as the underlying foundation of Permeo SSL Remote Access and Permeo Outbound Access....
HotBrick  HotBrick firewalls combine the most advanced and unique network security features in the market. HotBrick’s dedicated team of professionals is amongst the brightest in the network security industry.
Dual WAN Hardware Firewall LB-2 VPN The LB-2 VPN bandwidth aggregation feature is the perfect solution to increase your network speed. The dual WAN ports allow you to connect to two separate...
Firewall VPN 800/2 The VPN 800/2 bandwidth aggregation feature is the perfect solution to increase your network speed. The two WAN ports allow you to connect to two separate...
KEMP Technologies, Inc.  Contact KEMP for virtualized and appliance application delivery/load balancing solutions that require .99999 availability, HTTPS SSL and the best value.
LoadMaster 2000 LoadMaster 2000 is an affordable, yet feature rich server load balancer with integrated SSL acceleration and Layer 7 content switching; perfect for creating...
LoadMaster 2200 LoadMaster 2200 is an affordable, yet feature rich server load balancer with integrated SSL acceleration and Layer 7 content switching; perfect for creating...
Rainbow Technologies 
NetSwift iGate You can trust the industry leader for critical remote access for your sensitive data. SafeNet has been providing high-assurance security solutions to the...
Amiguard  Amiguard Data Security Specialist
Amiguard USB VPN Amiguard USB VPN for Unlimited VPN secure Access on go
NetMotion Wireless  NetMotion Wireless is a software company that enables businesses and government agencies to maximize the productivity of their mobile workforces. The company's flagship solution is Mobility XE, mobile VPN software that...
Mobility XE NetMotion Wireless is the acknowledged leader among Mobile VPN providers. Mobility XE is an award-winning Mobile Virtual Private Network that gives mobile...
Mobility XE Analytics Module The unique Mobility XE Analytics Module delivers visibility into resource use and performance that is simply unavailable in other VPNs.
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SSL VPN - Product Reviews

Accelerated growth through 2014 entices vendors to offer SSL VPNs as alternative to traditional IPsec VPNs.

According to Gartner's John Girard, “IPsec VPN products have never caught up with SSL in terms of ease of implementation, policy and network access controls, and the ability to deliver security protections on demand. SSL VPNs are easy to set up in their default role as application portals, and offer decent performance for tunneled Layer 3 traffic.” With SSL VPNs gaining in customer acceptance, the real question to many is why retain both legacy IPsec VPNs and SSL VPNs when the administrative convenience, ease of use, and savings from a single vendor are so obvious?

SSL VPNs, although a maturing technology, face several challenges. Chief among them, points out the National Institute of Standards and Technology are, “limitations on their ability to support a large number of applications and clients, the methods of implementing network extension and endpoint security,” and the ability to provide clientless access or the use of the SSL VPN from public locations.”

Best-in-Class SSL VPNs feature:

  • Provides for the VPN to initiate without a formally installed client other than a browser
  • SSL VPN sessions able to survive interruptions and then can reconnect without first preserving an Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  • SSL VPN provides better performance than legacy VPNs when used with major applications and ISVs (independent software vendors).

Top Considerations before Buying SSL VPNs;

Aside from cost, is the SSL VPN vendor offering easy to use? The ease of use of SSL VPNs puts them in a class by themselves. SSL VPNs should be easily operable on any browser, be it for desktop, laptop, smartphone; and since all browsers already contain embedded SSL and certificate authentication, browser-based SSL VPN makes reliability easier to maintain across networks; and since SSL is already optimized to facilitate application delivery, SSL VPN is therefore secure even over unreliable networks.

Key Providers:

1. Array Networks, formerly known as ClickArray Networks, Inc., offers application delivery controllers (ADCs) for network applications’ processing; secure sockets layer (SSL), virtual private network (VPN) products, as well as public PKI infrastructure products.  Array distributes its products principally in Asia, North America and Europe to over 3,500 customers–including enterprises, service providers, and government and vertical organizations in healthcare, finance, insurance and education. In 2008, Array offered a wireless, overlay security management and wake-on-LAN remote control to its VPN product lineup. Array's newest product Desktop Direct is a fully managed and secured solution for remote control, which also supports  wake-on-LAN.

2. F5 provides technology that optimizes the delivery of network-based applications, as well as the security, performance, and availability of servers, data storage devices, and other network resources. F5 has been in the development process for SSL VPNs beginning in the 2000s, but got a technology boost with its acquisition of URoam, enabling its first FirePass product line. FirePass provides SSL VPN access for remote users of IP networks, and applications connected to those networks from any standard Web browser on any device. F5's marketplace distinctions are high performance and reliable gateways. It also offers a companion product, Application Security Manager, a Web application firewall that provides application-layer protection against generalized and targeted attacks.

3. Cisco considered acquiring an SSL VPN vendor in 2002, but opted instead to develop its own SSL internally. It released VPN 3000 in 2004. By 2007 the SSL VPN was becoming attractive, and by 2008, it became popular and competitive in both function and price. Cisco VPNs is an evolution that it inherited from Altiga, an earlier VPN acquisition, and the Twingo Systems acquisition, which provided the Cisco with baseline technology. Joel Snyder, after tests from Network World, reported that “while Cisco provides a solid and compact feature set for creating smaller SSL VPN extranets or adding SSL VPN network extension to improve compatibility for road warriors, its does not equal the capabilities of stand-alone SSL VPN products.”

4. Juniper Networks, founded in 1996, designs, develops, and sells products and services that provide network infrastructure used for the deployment of services and applications over a single Internet Protocol (IP) based network worldwide. Juniper realized its most promising SSL VPN product when it acquired NetScreen Technologies in 2004 and its Neoteris SSL VPN product, which itself had been previously acquired by NetScreen in 2003. The Neoteris product was early on highly competitive in the SSL VPN marketplace, a position and guiding philosophy that Juniper has maintained ever since with overall sales leadership in the category. Juniper competes on the basis of universal access, broad client platform support, and comprehensive infrastructure.

5. Citrix had for many years offered remote access beginning in 2004, but it wasn't until 2005, with it acquisition of Net6, followed by another acquisition of NetScaler that it combined remote access to produce today's Citrix Access Gateway and the NetScaler series of products for accelerated secure remote access. In 2009, Citrix released a revamped SSL VPN client called the Citrix Receiver, which has been ported to a wide range of platforms, including smartphones. According to a recent Gartner report, "Within its vast and profitable installed base for server-based computing, Citrix is a strong competitor with other SSL VPN vendors," and as of 2009 its installed base was approaching that of Juniper Networks.

Definition: SSL VPN is the abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network. An SSL VPN is a form of VPN that may be used with a standard Web browser and consists of one or more VPN devices to which the user connects by using his Web browser. It is used to give remote users with access to Web applications, client/server applications and internal network connections. The traffic between the Web browser and the SSL VPN device is encrypted with the SSL protocol or its successor, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.


SSL VPN Research Library

Array Networks Inc
Discover key advantages to an SSL proxy such as that it needs no client software to be loaded and distributed through the client base. SSL proxies can use standard Web browsers and email clients which are already enabled to use SSL and the web interface is familiar to users.
Tele-working initiatives, contingencies for events such as 9/11, SARS, and the East Coast Blackout, or just addressing the need to balance longer work days with family commitments, companies are being driven to provide expanded access to corporate IT resources from outside the internal network. Find out which solution best fits the remote needs of your organization and how to overcome remote ...
AccelPro Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Document
AccelPro Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
• Fast SSL VPN • 4 Gbps SSL VPN Throughput • 3200 Logins Per Second • 24000 SSL Transactions Per Second • Over 20,000 Concurrent Users • Under 10 ms Latency Single Port 443 Port 443 NATed Opened In FW With AccelPro • Multiple Groups Can Be Created • Endpoint Policies Can Be Created • DHCP Virtual IP Pool Configuration • Multiple Security Zones • Group Based Policies • Automatic NAC • Secure ...
Securing Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix Environments with SSL VPNs Whitepaper
AEP Networks
The majority of business applications in use today run on Windows platforms—either as native Microsoft® Windows® Terminal Services (WTS) or in conjunction with Citrix® Presentation Server™. There are clear business benefits to the server-based/thin-client computing environments that these technologies enable. Employees in remote offices or on the road can easily access Windows applications and ...
The Changing Landscape of Secure Remote Access
It s unanimous; the analysts agree that SSL has emerged as the remote-access VPN technology of choice. According to Mark Bouchard of analyst firm Meta Group: We expect adoption of SSL VPNs to accelerate. By 2006, it will become the dominant approach for achieving secure remote access, with greater than 70 percent of all users employing it as the method of choice. In addition, analyst firm Frost ...


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