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SNARE Alliance, LLC  SNARE Alliance is a privately held IT Sales & Service Organization and an authorized supplier of SNARE Security Information & Event and Log Management (SIEM) Servers, Windows and MS-SQL Agents.
SNARE Agent for MS-SQL SNARE for MSSQL' will now allow for events generated by Microsoft SQL Server to be forwarded to a remote audit event collection facility. SNARE for MSSQL...
SNARE Agent for Windows Snare for Windows' will allow event logs collected by the Windows operating system (including NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008 and Windows7), to be forwarded...
Sentinel Intrusion Prevention Systems  Everything you need for state-of-the-art intrusion prevention in one affordable, fixed monthly fee. Including equipment, support, management, setup, service, updates, and monitoring starting at only $349/mo.
Symtrex, Inc.  Symtrex Inc., Network Security Specialists, including Log Management, vulnerability assessments, endpoint protection and perimeter security
NetBeat MON NetBeat MON
Sophos End Point Protection Sophos End Point Protection - The Sophos Endpoint protection provides everything you need to protect your users and on every device. With different levels...
Tech Experts  Tech Experts is southeast Michigan's leading small business computer support company.
Fortinet Firewalls At Tech Experts we use Fortinet Firewalls to offer the best in network security. Fortinet Firewalls offer a Unified Threat Management system that targets...

WLAN Security Research Library

WLAN Security: Simplifying Without Compromising
WLAN Security: Simplifying Without Compromising Executive Summary Fundamentally there is a converse relationship between se- curity and convenience — and in the case of WLAN security, convenience translates into IT management resources in ad- dition to end user time and effort. Finding a balance between the right level of security for your size and type of organiza- tion is critical for cost ...
Intruder Alert! Recognizing WLAN Attacks and Locating the Culprits
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Intruder Alert! Recognizing WLAN Attacks and Locating the Culprits During the exponential growth of wireless networks over the past few years, certain issues have become fairly obvious: the absolute need for network security, the detection of net- work intruders (hackers), and the importance of site analysis in network security issues. Standard local area networks (LANs) will always have one ...
Securely access to WLAN
Gemalto N.V.
Telecom operators are adapting their offers to meet customer demands - they're offering IP network coverage at home and in urban area, for example, and giving customers unlimited service access (voice and data) on any device and via any connection - wireless, DSL, WiFi and so on.
NetClarity and BYOD
Symtrex, Inc.
“BYOD is a huge head- ache for my company— NetClarity allows me to have complete control.” CIO, Regional Bank Phone: 1-866-431-8972 Email: BYOD is inevitable—what are you doing to secure your business? It's hard to not be curious about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon. The consumerization of information tech- nology is a huge topic for the tech world and businesses ...
NetClarity - Use NetClarity to Secure Your Wireless Networks
Symtrex, Inc.
USE NETCLARITY TO SECURE YOUR WIRELESS NETWORKS Preface................................. ....................................... Two Immediate Threats to Your Network...... Practical Access Control Protects Against Both Att Threat #1: Hackers Exploiting Wireless Weakness Open Wireless Networks................................ ....... Captive Portal or MAC-based Authenticated WEP Encrypted ...

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SNARE Agents SNARE Alliance, LLC
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