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Conecture Technologies  licensing, licensor, digital asset management, product workflow, television distribution, style guide asset delivery, brand assurance workflow, deal memo management, paperless workflow, contract management, product...
InvGate  InvGate has developed the ultimate Web 2.0 enterprise IT Management Software. Our Service Desk and IT Asset Management framework allows organizations to gain insights about their IT infrastructure, improve system uptime,...
InvGate Assets IT Asset Management WEB 2.0
InvGate Service Desk ITIL Service Desk SAAS
SAManage  on-demand IT management software - IT Asset Management and IT Service Management
IT Asset Management Samanage SaaS IT Asset Management software allows you to easily govern your technological landscape. Samanage's powerful tools and capabilities comprise a...
CrossTec Corporation  CrossTec Corporation provides Classroom Management and Monitoring solutions for schools and educational institutions as well as IT Asset Management and Remote Desktop Management solutions for SMB and Enterprise users.
CrossTec EMS IT Asset Management Software
Express Metrix  Express Metrix, a 13-year veteran in the IT asset management space, develops PC audit solutions with an emphasis on PC inventory, software metering, and software license management capabilities.
Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.  Developer of an enterprise CMMS, EAM and CCMS system for Life Sciences that’s both best in class and easy to deploy.
Regulatory Asset Management Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager® is an EAM, CMMS and CCMS software solution specifically designed to meet the regulatory and productivity...
FrontRange Solutions USA Inc.  FrontRange is a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, and Customer Service Management solutions. These solutions enable IT and Services Transformation by providing...
Front Range  front range
ItatOnce  ITatOnce is a privately held IT Service Provider and Consulting firm headquartered in San Diego, California. Founded in 2008, ITatOnce is committed to provide its clients with forward thinking products, solutions and IT...
iComputer  iComputer provides superior computer hardware, software, SEO and IT support. The certified techs can resolve any computers issues for laptops, desktops, servers and networks. IT support can be managed via remote...
Computer and Computer Equipment Reseller Selling high quality and reliable computers and computer equipment
Computer Hardware Support Computer hardware repair for laptops and desktops.
Scalable  Scalable Software is a privately held software company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1999, Scalable has focused on delivering software solutions that help companies manage their information technology assets...
SunView Software, Inc  SunView Software is revolutionizing the way IT organizations manage change for critical virtual and physical infrastructure across the enterprise. SunView’s solutions are designed to address the problem described by...
iLumin  iLumin Software (now part of CA) provides a suite of enterprise email management tools to address the growing challenges of today`s corporate messaging systems.
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IT Asset Management Research Library

WHITE PAPER- Mitigating Risk through IT Asset Management (English)
LANDesk Software
Mitigating Risk through IT Asset Management Uncovering meaningful information to manage infrastructure assets throughout their lifecycle—and minimize business risks LANDESK WHITE PAPER: MITIgATINg RISK THRoUgH IT ASSET MANAgEMENT Executive Summary ........................................ ........................................ .................. 3 Automated IT Asset Management Is a ...
Asset Management Solution for the Chemical Industry
Savi Technology, Inc.
Asset Management in the Chemical Industry Supply Chain Introduction This document is Part Three of Savi Technology’s five-part white paper, “Fundamentals of Asset Management.” In Parts One and Two, we covered the importance of attaining real-time visibility of assets, provided an overview of different automation technologies and described asset management challenges and solutions for Defense ...
Realizing the Value Proposition of Hosted Digital Asset Management
Widen Enterprises, Inc.
The value proposition of Digital Asset Management and more importantly DAM Software as a Service (SaaS) is no longer a "leap of faith." DAM is now a "must-have" for organizations looking at gaining marketing efficiency. Market evolution aided by infrastructural and technology advancements in storage, security, bandwidth, rich internet applications and web services have created a landscape that ...
Digital asset management case study: Trinity Hall
Third Light Ltd
Trinity Hall is the fifth oldest college in the University of Cambridge, founded in the year 1350 and having nearly 10,000 members around the world. The Development Office maintains a stock of high quality imagery for use in print or electronic communications when required. In 2006, Third Light was introduced to help centralise the image library, as the archive was becoming difficult to ...
Digital asset management case study: Xstrata
Third Light Ltd
Overview: Xstrata use Third Light’s IMS as a world-wide marketing media library, used by staff and suppliers across four continents. Xstrata is a major global diversified mining group, listed on the London and Swiss stock exchanges. The Group is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and has approximately 24,000 employees worldwide, including contractors. “ Since the IMS library was installed, we ...

IT Asset Management Video

A Day in the Life - Asset Management using ServiceDesk Plus ZOHO Corp An interesting video depicting the typical day of an Asset Manager. Kate, the Asset manager uses ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to manage her IT assets ...
Vector Asset Management and Software Distribution Client Deployment Vector Networks Americas
IT Asset Management Symtrex, Inc. Technology

IT Asset Management News

IT Asset Management CognitiveTPG Information
IT Asset Management Cognitec Systems Company
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