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SSW  SSW Consulting has 20 years of experience developing awesome Microsoft solutions that build on top of SharePoint, .NET, Dynamics CRM and TFS. We focus on 3 things: Getting you a working app Keeping you informed ...
SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access (SSMA Access) This tool is Microsoft's new Upsizing Wizard, unfortunately it doesn’t work on databases more complicated than Northwind. Microsoft still try to force an...
FalconStor Software  Open, integrated, disk-based data protection for enterprises & small to midsized businesses. Products include NSS for storage virtualization, VTL for virtual tape backup optimization, FDS for data deduplication, & CDP for...
Mindfire Solutions  At Mindfire, all of us work together to help clients grow, and to help our people grow. Our clients are growth-oriented software product companies (ISV, SaaS) or IT consulting companies. Our people are nice, capable,...
Access-SQL Server migration Mindfire offers expertise services in Access to SQL Migration. Our team offers flexible and clear-cut solutions to the clients to migrate their existing...
Data Perceptions Inc  Network Infrastructure IT Strategy Systems Infrastructure Security Planning Application Development ICT Planning IT Technical Services Wireless IT Policies and Procedures High Availability Operations Planning Remote...
IT Consulting Services The Information & Communications Technology (ICT) field has developed as a service center supporting organizational change through technology, project...
TechnoCratz  Have solution for Medical Imaging Software, Teleradiology, mini PACS, Endoscopy Software, DICOM, Also have software solutions for custom business applications, custom ERP solution.
Microsoft  Microsoft is motivated and inspired every day by how their customers use their software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what`s most important to them.
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server is a cloud-ready information platform that will help organizations unlock breakthrough insights across the organization and quickly...

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Migrating to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on Dell PowerEdge R720 servers
Principled Technologies
Migrating your legacy servers running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to a new Dell PowerEdge R720 running Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 can streamline your infrastructure and deliver savings to your business. With careful planning, and by following the straightforward process that this guide presents, you can realize the benefits of ...
How to overcome SQL Server maintenance challenges
This White paper underlines different SQL server storage and performance challenges and how they can be overcome using this specialized software – Lepide SQL Storage Manager (LSSM). It also describes advantages offered by this software and its convergence with MS SQL server storage best practices.
Using SQL in an Embedded Computer Application
Raima Inc.
SQL has become the industry standard database access language incentivizing embedded computer applications companies to adopt SQL to meet their database management requirements. This article takes a look at ways these developers can efficiently make use of SQL in their applications.
Blindfolded SQL Injection
In the past few years, SQL Injection attacks have been on the rise. The increase in the number of Database based applications, combined with various publications that explain the problem and how it can be exploited (in both electronic and printed formats), have led to many attacks and abuse of this type of attack. In response to the increased number of attacks taking advantage of SQL ...
TCO analysis of upgrading to Dell PowerEdge R720, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Principled Technologies
Continuing to run your existing infrastructure of 5-6-year-old servers running Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 is a risky bet. Not only does software support disappear, but aging servers begin to fail, driving up maintenance costs and increasing potentially catastrophic downtime. While you may be hesitant to spend the capital to upgrade your infrastructure, replacing older servers with ...

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What is SQL Injection? Veracode, Inc
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