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Averum  Averum's founders have experience in the Application Service Provider industry, both in building and managing ASPs as well as developing software for other ASPs.
Averum Billing Averum Billing is a full-featured, fully-customizable system designed to meet a wide variety of needs.
Averum InTruth Averum's InTruth survey solution consists of several integrated modules including: Survey Management and Respondent Management.
InfoStreet, Inc.  Founded in 1994, InfoStreet Inc. is recognized as a leading application service provider (ASP) dedicated to developing and hosting software that facilitates group interaction.
StreetSmart The newly enhanced StreetSmart applications allow users to access their data such as mail, calendar appointments, files, tasks and more from any computer.
LocalVoice  LocalVoice is an application service provider of online management and relationship building software and services for member organizations.
Content Management and Online Community Linking online customer profiles with existing enterprise systems, LocalVoice helps companies strategically build the online channel as part of a...
AdminiTrack, Inc.  AdminiTrack, Inc. is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that hosts a web-based issue and defect tracking application. The service was created to support professional software development teams track project related...
AtminiTrack Application Service Provider With AtminiTrack Application Service Provider, track issues, software defects, enhancements and change requests.
Aspective  Aspective is an eBusiness solution provider, specialising in 'front office' applications for sales, marketing and customer service.
Siebel CRM This product is an application service provider.
VeriCenter  VeriCenter is a managed services, application hosting, and IT infrastructure company. In addition to providing its customers with world-class solutions, VeriCenter is dedicated to the highest service standards.
AgileVault Data Protection Service This data backup service is designed to help customers address many challenges.
High Availability And Disaster Recovery Services Agiliti offers an approach to protect your business and critical applications, while ensuring their uptime.
AboutFace  AboutFace provides directory products and services to the business and academic communities.
Employee Facebook AboutFace provides a way to produce a photo directory, or facebook, of all of your colleagues.
Austin Computer Enterprises  Austin Computer Enterprises provides system integration, automation development, and testing services.
Municipalnet Every department, every employee, every location—all share a single point of entry with secure data and voice. Everything is interconnected, and everyone...
Center7  Center7 is a company that provides tools and services for managing distributed computer sites and central data centers.
PilotSenter PilotCenter is a hosted enterprise-quality management service that empowers your IT staff to proactively monitor, predict, and prevent the errors and...
ServiceDesk The support desk maximizes efficiencies and uses leverage to achieve goal.
Bizukka  Bizzuka specializes in Web based applications for Web site and corporate intranets.
On Demand Content And Components OnDeCC for the Enterprise is an independent version of the OnDeCC system.
Biber  Biber is a provider of business integration and performance solutions.
Enterprise Selection Management This product helps with focusing on developing human capital as youseek to drive business performance.
First Align - Workforce Alignment Platform This product helps with maintaining accurate books and records, in terms of revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities.
Brainlink  Brainlink International is a full-service IT Consultancy that serves the New York metropolitan area.
Prolink Prolink targets technology to the solution of the problem and to your growth with original design, development, and implementation as well as project...
Safelink This product connects not just the technical aspects of your operation, but also business policy, IT procedures, technical standards and systems...
BNS Group  BNS Group provides Exchange Server based messaging solutions for small, medium and large enterprise customers.
BNS Merge Wizard BNS Merge Wizard includes: personalized HTML email, it is Wizard-based, and more.
iKBase iKBase is involved in customer relationship management.
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Application Service Provider Research Library

SAS-70 Evaluation Service Organizations' Internal Controls is Key to Section 404 Compliance
LightEdge Solutions, Inc
Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, requires public companies to assess the effectiveness of their internal controls over nancial reporting. Many public companies, as part of their respective efforts to achieve compliance under Section 404, discovered that certain nancial reporting controls that they relied upon were actually maintained by outsourced third-party service ...
On-Demand Timesheet Systems and Security
Pacific Timesheet Software
On-Demand Timesheet Systems and Security How to outsource your timesheet systems safely and securely Overview Pacific Timesheet's robust security practices for online application service provider services fall into three areas: 1) facilities, disaster recovery and backup 2) internetworking and security 3) user account security, and 4) application security. Each area ensures significant data and ...
Application Performance Monitoring
Nastel Technologies, Inc.
Learn how application business transaction performance management tools can help businesses prevent problems. These tools will provide full visibility into operational performance, transactional performance and compliance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that is necessary to reduce cost, improve service and manage risk.
2012 Application & Delivery Handbook Part 2:  Emerging Application  Service Delivery Challenges
Fluke Networks
What Application-Delivery Challenges Are Keeping You Up at Night? Emerging trends such as consumer devices in the workplace are poised to impact delivery of critical applications. Learn what your IT-industry peers are concerned about. Download the 2012 Application and Service Delivery Handbook Part 2: Emerging Application and Service Delivery Challenges
The Next Generation Software Application Delivery MOdel for ISVs
NaviSite, Inc.
Competitive pressures and a changing market continue to challenge Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have been forced to seek new models for growth. One such model that they are increasingly turning to is the Software as a Service model (SaaS), which enhances an application's value proposition by providing its capabilities as a set of business services, available through a secure and ...

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BMC Software, Inc.  -  Application Performance Management Document BMC Software, Inc. - Application Performance Management Simplify and automate management across application technologies — spanning physical infrastructures, cloud, internet, corporate networks, and content ...
High Definition Application Performance Management OPNET Technologies, Inc. Complex application environments require complete, end-to-end information for application performance management. This hands-on OPNET demo provides a look ...
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