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Cognitec Systems  Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology for facial image database search, real-time video screening and analytics, and biometric portrait capturing.
FaceVACS-DBScan FaceVACS-DBScan instantly compares facial images from various sources to large image databases. The product supports the biometric identification,...
Biometric Associates  Biometric Associates is a unique developer, manufacturer, and integrator of biometric authentication and identity systems that have been specifically designed to provide a high level of security and privacy protection.
Fingerprint ID Module A fingerprint offers a reliable and inexpensive means of authenticating an individual's identity; one far more secure than personal identification numbers...
Physical Access Solutions The XTec 9910 interfaces with the BAI Authenticator
Transaction Security, Inc  TSI's Crypto-Sign biometric software ensures the device user is the device owner in the event of loss or theft. For transaction security, It eliminates the need to enter and remember complex passwords and provides huge...
Crypto-Sign Crypto-Sign is a patent-pending technology, which provides a highly secure authentication scheme as a replacement for the password or PIN. It uses...
FingerSec Biometric Security  FingerSec Corp. has over four years of experience designing and developing fingerprint identification systems for a variety of applications.
FSD-Lock The FS-DLock can be opened with the touch of a user's fingertip without any risk of it being stolen or copied like cards or keys can.
FSD-Lock The FS-DLock can be opened with the touch of a user's fingertip without any risk of it being stolen or copied like cards or keys can.
M2SYS Technology  M2SYS provides technology that makes biometric software affordable, simple to integrate, and inexpensive to support, while enabling customers to easily utilize the right form of biometric technology for their needs. Our...
Bio-Hyperpliance™ Bio-Hyperpliance™ is a high-performance, scalable, one-to-many AFIS and multi-biometric identification server that is delivered with our hyper-threaded...
Bio-Plugin™ Integrate a turnkey, enterprise-ready biometric recognition system into your application in a matter of hours and avoid the hassles of a low level biometric...
Triad Biometrics  Biometric authentication that yielded network security was a focal point when Triad was founded in 2004 by Scott Coby, Mark Cohen and Shailesh Chirputkar when they recognized a gaping hole in the biometrics industry which...
TEAMS® Triad Biometrics provides comprehensive biometric security software systems that enable enterprise clients to harness all of the advantages of hardened...
Digitus Biometrics   Digitus Biometrics is first and foremost an engineering and design firm. The company was founded on ground-breaking biometric fingerprint recognition and encryption technologies with a single purpose: To create the most...
Custom Applications As an engineering and design specialist in access control and physical security, Digitus Biometrics is highly regarded for advanced fingerprint recognition...
db Addendum The db Addendum reader-only unit supports the industry-standard, 26-bit Wiegand protocol. To upgrade an existing proximity reader system, simply remove the...
Zvetco Biometrics  Founded in 1999, Zvetco Biometrics is a manufacturer of identity authentication hardware that uses innovative fingerprint sensing technology to safeguard data access. Zvetco also offers custom engineered parts, consulting...
Verifi Fingertouch Security Enterprise The FingerTouch Security Enterprise Edition combines the strength of the industry proven P4000 FingerPrint Reader with the secure and easy-to-use Verifi ID...
Verifi Fingertouch Security Professional The FingerTouch Security Professional Edition combines the strength of the latest generation Verifi P3400 FingerPrint Reader with the secure and easy-to-use...
Aware, Inc.  Aware is a leading supplier to the DSL test and biometrics industries. Aware is a leading technology and software supplier for the telecommunications and biometrics industries. Aware has pioneered innovations at...
Ceelox  The Company was founded on September 17, 2003 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We were formed for the purpose of developing and marketing advanced fingerprint biometric technology and encryption software solutions....
Ceelox ID® Ceelox ID® software authenticates users via biometrics before allowing them access to personal computers, files, external drives and networks. Ceelox™...
Ceelox ID Online™ Ceelox ID Online™, a server-based biometric software application, enables users to securely authenticate user identities for access to internet sites or...
Idesia  IDesia was founded in 2004 to develop and market BDS™ (BioDynamic Signature™), the company’s state-of-the-art technology enabling a broad range of biometrics-based, user identity-aware applications. IDesia’s current...
BDS™ SDK & Application Kit IDesia’s SDK has been designed specifically to grant software developers easy access to BDS™ technology, so as to enable them to create and prototype...
BDS™ Sensor ASIC IDesia’s IBA200 BDS™ Sensor ASIC is a custom-designed integrated circuit enabling manufacturers and system integrators to seamlessly incorporate BDS™...
Delaney  Delaney Secure is one of Europe's leading B2B distributors of biometric and information security products, and is part of Delaney Consulting Ltd, an information assurance specialist in London. Delaney Secure was formed in...
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 USB Fingerprint Reader In today's networked and mobile world where strong security is often difficult for businesses to handle,DigitalPersona's software and hardware products are...
Fingerprint Hardware As one of Europe's largest independent distributors of biometric fingerprint hardware solutions, we can offer the widest selection of biometric fingerprint...
MOBIO  MOBIO concept is to develop new mobile services secured by biometric authentication means. Scientific and technical objectives include robust-to-illumination face authentication, robust-to-noise speaker authentication,...
Mobile Biometry Starting from the state-of-the-art systems available from the MOBIO partners, the goal of this project is thus to further study, develop and evaluate...
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Biometric Software - Product Reviews

Fingerprints cannot be misplaced or forgotten: Biometric software runs the new gold standard in point-of-service security systems
Someone has to pay for the cost of fraud. Credit companies may credit unauthorized ATM withdrawals back to your account, but ultimately, the customer ends up paying the bill in the form of higher fees and insurance rates. Fingerprint biometric software is a very effective way to prevent unauthorized point-of-service access.
Charlatans often use multiple identities and this technology also puts an end to this practice since each ID can only be linked to one person. The old identification protocol involving tokens, like drivers licenses, which can be stolen and the picture replaced, and passwords, which can easily be copied down by the person behind you in the line at the bank, are very vulnerable to fraud. Fingerprints cannot not be forged, stolen or forgotten making them the biometric of choice for enhancing point-of-service security.

Best-in-Class Biometric Software Providers Feature:

  • An exception mode which can be used in the event of an emergency or system malfunction.
  • System should prevent a fingerprint from authenticating for more than one user.
  • Software should enable interoperability of devices purchased from multiple suppliers.

Top Considerations Before Buying Biometric Software

Many biometric software systems do not eliminate the old passwords. Instead, they are released to an existing password-authentication mechanism, which may allow a hacker to bypass the biometric controls. In addition, the system should be able to accommodate users who are in transit as well as at rest. A system without this functionality will result in lost time for the company due to the inability of the equipment to handle the morning rush of employees.

Key Providers:

1. MXI Security offers businesses a single device capable of handling multiple security requirements. The company states that MXI Security’s Secure Biometric USB Drives, integrate USB flash drives into its identity and access management services, resulting in very secure systems that measure up to the highest privacy standards. They go on to say that the combination of the strong user authentication, digital identity and data encryption produces effective security solutions for their customers.

2. One of Heaventools’ self-identified core competences is its experience with Portable Executable (PE) file editing software. Heaventool’s solutions employ reverse engineering to perform binary analysis, inspection and editing of PE files. They develop and support software development tools that are powerful enough to attract large businesses yet are within the budgets of individual professional Windows developers. Founded in 2000, this privately-funded company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada but has a research and development division in St.Petersburg, Russia.

3. According to DocuLex Company, the efficiency of its software document management software translates into improved productivity and cost savings. Its award-winning Archive Studio product suite has been purchased by over 1000 companies. Archive Studio’s range of scalable products facilitate content management needs, document and records management, email archiving and image capture, which enables businesses to maintain control over their data and information assets. This flexible application directs and indexes documents from capture to access to eventual destruction.

4. ArticSoft Technologies produce compatible encryption software designed to protect corporate data. Products include an large array of Open PGP applications. It has been involved with data security for over 50 years and worked with personal computers and messaging systems for the last 35 years. ArticSoft employees sit on many international security committees. The European commission, the UK Government and many international Fortune 100 companies have come to ArticSoft for security advice.

Biometric Software
Definition: Biometric software controls the sampling and matching techniques that recognize individuals based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral trait.


Biometric Software Research Library
The Intersection of Identity Management and Cloud Computing
Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.
2 Background: Cloud Computing and IAM 2 2.1 The term “cloud” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2.2 Overview of cloud computing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2.2.1 SaaS, PaaS, IaaS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2.2.2 Private, community, public and hybrid clouds ...
Biometric Technology: Our First Line Of Defense Against Terrorism
The theme song of the popular television dramas collectively titled CSI – Crime Scene Investigator – has a title that goes right to the heart of biometric technology: “Who Are You?” Since the September 11th terrorist attacks against the United States, homeland security – including securing the nation's borders – has become a critical issue. At the time of those attacks, the U.S. followed ...
Biometric Performance
Cognitec Systems
This white paper shows the performance of the current B6T8 engine in the closed-set identification, the open-set identification and the verification scenario. All measurements were done using those two subsets of the grayscale FERET database that constitute the so-called Duplicate I test: a gallery including 1196 images of 1181 persons (for a few persons, two images are enrolled in the gallery) ...
Secure Your SAP Data with HSPD-12 Multifactor Authentication
Access Smart, LLC
SecureYour SAP Data with H®SPD-12 Multifactor Authentication Capabilities Study. SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services. Strong, multifactor authentication for logical access has never been more important than now. In many heavily regulated sectors like government, healthcare and finance, the government has legislated privacy protection. By law, ...

Biometric Software Video

Cognitec Systems Cognitec Systems Cognitec is celebrating ten years of success and leadership in the face recognition industry. Since its inception in 2002, the company has collaborated ...
Biometric Identification for Lunch Line Point of Sale (POS) Systems M2SYS Technology
Biometric Software Cognitec Systems Information

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