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Siemens Industry Inc., Automation & Drive Technologies  Siemens is an electrical engineering and electronics companies that provides innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how to benefit customers.
Spang Power Electronics  They design and manufacture a broad range of products for industrial control applications including: SCR power controllers; AC & DC power systems; Dry-type transformers; Specialty AC & DC drives; AC & DC drive systems;...
AC and DC drive systems Spang Power Electronics designs AC and DC drive systems for process control of equipment used in the manufacturing and processing of metals, plastic, paper,...
TEAC AMERICA, INC.  TEAC AMERICA, INC. is the largest subsidiary of Tokyo-based TEAC Corporation, a billion-dollar global corporation and a world leader in recording technology for over four decades. Data Storage Solutions, Disc Publishing...
floppy drives- fd-05 The incredibly slim 1/2" high FD-05 series offers the best solution to the notebook-type computer requirements for vast applications in the smallest...
industrial dvd-rw drives- dv-w5000e TEAC's new DV-W5000E (IDE) and DV-W5000S (SATA) are designed for Industrial use offering many features that no other DVD writable drives offer.
Industrial Motion Control, LLC  Industrial Motion Control, LLC, also known as IMC, was formed in the year 2001 by the merger of Commercial Cam Co. and Ferguson Machine Co.Industrial Motion Control, LLC (IMC), headquarted in Wheeling, IL USA, is a...
AC DRIVES It has the following features-a)Wide range of models: 1 to 5 hp with 120, 240 or 460 V AC Input.b)Up to 60 cycles per minute using high-performance, low...
AC DRIVES-DC Motors & Drives IMC DC Motors and Drives offer efficient, low-cost cycle-on-demand control for up to 30 cycles per minute. These motors and controls have variable speed...
Fleet Manager Systems  Fleet Manager Systems is a developer and/or marketing vehicle fleet management systems, custom bar code applications, and accurate speech-recognition tools for healthcare professionals.
GiveMePower  GiveMePower Corp. develops, markets, and supports high-performance mobile, wireless and desktop CAD/graphics software for end-users and OEM business partners involved in design, construction, engineering, manufacturing,...
Equinox  Equinox has established product and consulting relationships with Fortune 500 companies, state governments, e-commerce companies, and small- to medium-size businesses.
Collaborative Studio  Collaborative Studio is a leading software development firm headquartered in the United States.
MDSS Cleveland  Our mission is to deliver solutions that make manufacturers more competitive. Since 1984, MDSS has been a leader and innovator in information systems solutions for manufacturing companies.
LaCie Ltd  LaCie Ltd was established in France in 1989.LaCie is the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for PC, Apple, and Linux users. LaCie creates external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and...
Computer-Generated Solutions  CGS enables organizations to adapt and implement advanced technologies throughout their enterprise by delivering expert, cross-industry solutions on multiple platforms.
ESI Technologies  ESI Technologies is a provider of Oracle-based manufacturing solutions for the global market.
Altimate Technology Centre  Our company develops, markets, and provides technical support for the real-time corporation management software Altimate Solutions.
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Drives Research Library

PerfectDisk and Solid State Drives (SSD)
Raxco Software, Inc
PerfectDisk and Solid State Drives (SSDs) PerfectDisk will automatically identify SSD storage and if configured to optimize performance, will perform a Consolidate Free Space pass on the drive. Storage technology is constantly evolving. One of the latest technologies is Solid State Drives (SSD) - which replaces traditional electro-mechanical parts (i.e. rotating disk platters and read/write ...
VDI performance comparison: Samsung solid-state drives vs. SAS drives in a Dell PowerEdge R720
Principled Technologies
Choosing Samsung SSDs can dramatically boost the user count your VDI server can support because of their ability to deliver low latency I/O. In our testing, simply replacing standard SAS drives in a Dell PowerEdge R720 with Samsung SSDs improved overall response times making it possible to nearly double the number of VMware View 5.1 virtual desktops-increasing this number from 82 to 160. This ...
Cloud Computing Drives Business Efficiency into the Future
Consonus Technologies
Cloud computing is now widely acknowledged to be a reliable, cost-effective solution that reduces capital expenditures, minimizes operating costs, maximizes resources and secures mission-critical IT functions. Adopting cloud computing has enabled executives from a variety of industries and business sizes to pinpoint their efforts where they’re most needed—driving their core business. With the ...
Backup to a Dynamic Volume using USB /ATA/SATA drives
Open-E, Inc.
Backup to a Dynamic Volume using USB /ATA/SATA drives with Open-E DSS V6 TO SET UP A BACKUP TO A DYNAMIC VOLUME ON A USB/ATA/SATA DRIVE, WE WILL PERFORM THE FOLLOWING STEPS: 1. Hardware configuration . Create Volume Group, NAS Volume and snapshot . Connect Dynamic Volume (USB Drive) to a DSS V6 server . Configure the Backup to use with the Dynamic Volume (NAS Shares, Pools, Backup Device and ...
Increasing performance on the Lenovo ThinkStation C30 with mSATA drives
Principled Technologies
Maximizing the performance of your workstation through cost-effective drive additions can help you get the most out of your system. In our tests, we found that the Lenovo ThinkStation C30 booted 50.7 percent faster and shut down 61.5 percent faster when we added an mSATA SSD to a base configuration with a SATA HDD. These results show that adding an mSATA SSD to your new workstation is a great ...

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ITAMG Onsite Hard Drive Shredding IT Asset Management Group
SANsymphony-V Test Drive DataCore Software Corporation.
Drives InterMapper, A Division of HelpSystems Information

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Drives AvaLAN Wireless Company
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