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Comparison of InterSense IS-900 System and Optical Systems
InterSense Inc
Comparison of InterSense IS-900 System and Optical Systems An optical tracking system operates by equipping the tracked object (e.g. a human body or an object) with markers that are either covered with passive retro reflective surfaces or are powered, active, infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs). Tracking cameras are positioned to intersect over a volume where at least two cameras are needed to ...
An Independent Study of InterSense IS-900 vs. Electromagnetic Systems
InterSense Inc
Results of a comparison study of the tracking accuracy of two commercially available wide-range position tracking systems suitable for CAVEs are presented. An experiment was conducted with Flock of Birds and IS-900 tracking sys- tems installed in the same CAVE environment to compare their accuracy. Another experiment was performed with a newly deployed IS-900 to investigate the impact of ...
Catchpoint Systems Looking to Capitalize on New Opportunities in the Web Experience Monitoring
Catchpoint Systems
Web experience monitoring solutions have traditionally been drawing interest from industry sectors that conduct most of their business online. With the proliferation of public cloud services and SaaS applications, more internally facing business-critical applications are being delivered across the public internet and accessed through a Web browser. Having full visibility into the performance of ...
NETWORK CLOAKING ™ as a Defensive Strategy for Intrusion Prevention Systems
Sentinel Intrusion Prevention Systems
The ultimate in disposing one's troops is to be without ascertainable shape. Then the most penetrating spies cannot pry in, nor can the wise lay plans against you. This can be a powerful intrusion prevention strategy, if we apply this way of thinking to the protection of your network. Imagine your network and its resources were “without ascertainable shape”. If your network were invisible to ...
Dynamic Systems, Inc. Document
Dynamic Systems, Inc.
Honeywell and Dynamic Systems Inc. help Herzog Contracting Corporation implement an industry-leading asset management system, resulting in significant cost savings. Herzog Contracting is a construction company with various projects, crews and sites. As most crews report directly to the construction site each morning, and not a centralized location, there was traditionally little to no tracking ...

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Cognitec Systems Cognitec Systems Cognitec is celebrating ten years of success and leadership in the face recognition industry. Since its inception in 2002, the company has collaborated ...
Kiva Systems Warehouse Automation at Quiet Logistics Kiva Systems Overview of Quiet Logistics warehouse narrated by Al Dekin, Senior Vice President, Quiet Logistics & Amy Villeneuve, President & COO, Kiva Systems.
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