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Sungard Higher Education  SunGard Higher Education serves colleges, universities and foundations in 40 countries worldwide. Through its Open Digital Campus strategy, SunGard collaborates with the higher education community and provides software...
Banner® Unified Digital Campus Banner® Unified Digital Campus is the world’s most widely used collegiate administrative suite of student, financial aid, finance, human resources,...
Datatel, Inc  Datatel is the most experienced provider of technology products, services, and insight to higher education. Colleges, universities, and technical schools across North America partner with Datatel to build Strategic...
Benefit Enrollment Online Our clients are constantly striving to improve the culture of their campuses not only for their students, but for their staff as well.
Budget Development and Management Datatel’s budget development and management solution supports your need to decentralize budget development activities and automate the budget submission...
SoftBear  Softbear is a small Norwegian company dedicated to creating high-quality applications for both private and commerical use.
Scientific Learning Corporation  Scientific Learning creates educational software that accelerates learning by improving the processing efficiency of the brain. Based on more than 30 years of neuroscience and cognitive research, the Fast ForWord® family...
Scientific Learning Progress Tracker Scientific Learning Progress Tracker is an online data analysis and reporting tool that enables clients to monitor students working with Fast ForWord and...
The Fast ForWord Program The Fast ForWord program is a learning acceleration program based on over 30 years of neuroscience research, designed for education institutions, English...
LingvoSoft  software development
Merriam-Webster  Merriam-Webster Online is the product of collaboration between the various departments at Merriam-Webster, Inc.
ODC Software 
Pavel Zapanov 
RSD Software  RSD Software is a Russian IT-company. Founded in 2000 it has a lot of experience in software and web development, UI design, marketing, distribution and support.
Barnes MedLit  Barnes MedLit is a scholarly source of premium medical history software and health information.
ByronSoftware  ByronSoftware provides software and quality assurance services.
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Redefining SEM for Community Colleges
Datatel, Inc
Enrollment management, as a concept for higher education, is just barely into its second generation. Around 1975-1980, the higher education industry projected a decline in high school graduation cohorts, meaning fewer students of traditional college age would enroll in postsecondary education. Colleges scrambled to find ways to fill seats, meet revenue and budget expectations, and remain ...
Intelligence Emerges from the Enterprise Education Platform
Datatel, Inc
The Gilfus Education Group predicts that over the next few years, educators will make great progress in achieving institutional efficiency and accountability hand-in-hand with improved academic performance, predictive analytics and overall student success. Converging technologies can mitigate many existing challenges while providing greater capabilities to education institutions, especially ...
Higher Education - Improving Performance and Productivity Through Workforce Optimization
CyberShift, Inc.
Universities, private and public colleges, research facilities, and other higher education institutions share many of the same challenges as private sector businesses, especially the challenge of doing more with fewer resources. Educational institutions need to find creative and effective ways to control costs, work within budget constraints and meet the diverse needs of an active campus. The ...
Wireless LANs in Higher Education: A Beneficial Lesson about Connectivity on Campus
LumaNet LLC
Most students pursuing higher education now expect Wi-Fi service as part of their educational experience. Find out what challenges campuses face when implementing more extensive Wi-Fi networks and how overcoming these challenges can give the student and school a competitive advantage.
Self-Calibrate Your Thermistors for Higher Accuracy
CAS Data Loggers
Technicians and engineers often use thermistors to log temperature in applications which require increased accuracy for more demanding projects. To accomplish this, they use the Steinhart–Hart equation to get much more precise readings across the sensors’ temperature ranges. Users most commonly work with it in applications measuring water or machine temperatures. As part of our free tech support, ...

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Do You Know What CrossTec Can Do For Your School CrossTec Corporation CrossTec Corporation is a leading provider of Classroom Management Software and Network Management Solutions for educational institutions around the ...
Do You Know What CrossTec Can Do For Your School CrossTec Corporation CrossTec Corporation is a leading provider of Classroom Management Software and Network Management Solutions for educational institutions around the ...
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