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CRC  Computer Resource Center is the leading provider of merchandising management software to the National Association of Retail Merchandising Service companies.
CRCIVR Plan, manage, control, and direct your merchandising field force anywhere in the world.
Torex Retail  Torex Retail boasts an unparalleled track record of more than twenty years, servicing some of the biggest names in retailing in UK, mainland Europe, and the United States.
SmartVM SmartVM enables retailers to visualize the ranges they are planning to send to stores and fine tune the product presentation.
Retail Management Systems  Retail Directions is located in Melbourne, Australia, where it develops and supports leading-edge retail management software for retailers worldwide.
Store Management System Our Windows (yet mouseless) point of sale system is a pace-setting software solution ideally suited for retail chains ranging in size from around 15 to over...
Quantum Retail Technology, Inc  Quantum Retail Technology's merchandise optimization suite is the answer for: Assortment and Range Planning, Forecasting and Order Planning, Replenishment and Allocation. Adapt your business strategies to the pace of the...
Rapid Deployment With Quantum Retail’s ACE methodology, there are significant reductions to upfront costs. In addition, we follow an affordable, low-risk annual term...
Retail Anywhere  Retail Anywhere is a developer of point of sale and retail management technologies, supplying solutions to both large and small retailers worldwide since 1981.
Retail Anywhere Point of Sale Retail Anywhere POS provides customer, inventory and marketing information necessary to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers and increase...
Retail Software  Retail Software's mission is to create award-winning point of sale software that delivers the right mix of simplicity, features, and price.
Retail Plus Retail Plus is a powerful retail management program for Microsoft Windows. It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and...
SpectrumRetail  SpectrumRetail.Net provides clerks, warehouse operators, merchandisers, accountants, management, and even customers truly seamless system interoperation.
ProphetLine Visual ProphetLine is a multi-tiered, client/server, unified retail and point of sale, e-commerce, and back office management system for retailers that need...
Escalate Retail  Escalate Retail is a provider of sales optimization systems. Our software proactively guides salespeople, partners, and customers through selling interactions resulting in higher revenues.
Commerce Blue Martini Commerce provides an open and scalable solution that guides customers through the online selling process to increase revenue while reducing...
Visual Retail Plus Inc  At Visual Retail Plus Inc. we pride ourselves on over a decade of providing complete software solutions for store management. We provide a full POS solution including hardware, software, technical support, and training....
Visual Retail Plus While this state of the art program is designed for the general store, its setup options make it a customized program for even the most specialized...
SPAR Group  The company provides merchandising services to manufacturers and retailers in multiple classes of trade.
BullsEyeT Merchandising Avoid overspending your marketing budget where things are fine, and underspending where help is needed. SPAR Group's Bulls Eye Merchandising gives you the...
NSB Group  NSB Group is a total solutions provider for retailers of apparel, footwear, and specialty merchandise.
Connected Retailer Connected Retailer Merchandising Solution synchronizes all functions within the retail cycle.
Merchant Applications  Merchant Applications was established in 1986 to develop, market, and support retail management systems for use by specialty store retailers.
Merchant RMS Merchant RMS is a state-of-the-art point of sale, back office, and home office solution that sets the standards for today’s successful merchants.
ProphetLine  Visual ProphetLine is a multi-tier, 32-bit Microsoft Windows application that allows for thick- or thin-client/server architecture, brick and mortar retailers, and e-retailers.
Visual ProphetLine Visual ProphetLine is a multi-tiered, client/server, unified retail and point of sale, e-commerce, and back office management system for retailers that need...
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Retail Merchandising Research Library

Supplier Connect for General Merchandise Retailers
afterBOT, Inc.
TRANSACCESS SUPPLIER CONNECTION FOR GENERAL MERCHANDISE RETAILERS OPTIMIZE PRODUCT MIX AND MERCHANDISING THROUGH ENHANCED SUPPLIER COLLABORATION TO IMPROVE PROFITS BY UP TO 5 PERCENT As general merchandise retailers seek to become more customer-centric, they need to offer the right products to the right customer at the right price. Thus, buyers need to understand the preferences of the ...
Inbound retail telephony
Vertical Communications, Inc
Retailers have long sought to understand and maximize customer satisfaction, recently through practices grouped under the term customer relationship management, or CRM. CRM invites retailers to manage customer interactions regardless of the commmunications channel their customers may select. While advances in computer network technology have dramatically improved POS and Web channels, inbound ...
Fulfillment 2.0: Tackling the Seven Critical Fulfillment Challenges of eCommerce
Kiva Systems
Internet technology continues to evolve at such relentless speed that we all now carry a complete shopping mall in our mobile phones. What is now referred to as Web 2.0 has propelled online shopping at 18% annual growth to about $200B a year in North America, with similar numbers overseas. What’s needed to keep that growth going is a way to fulfill all those orders as fast and inexpensively as ...
Warehouse Automation: How to Implement Tomorrow's Order Fulfillment System Today
Kiva Systems
With increasing levels of uncertainty and the inability to predict supply and demand fluctuations because of global economic pressures, today's logistics executives find themselves scratching their heads in order to find balance in the supply chain. The first reaction may be to continue to tighten the belt to ride out the uncertainty and maintain as much status quo as possible.

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Kiva Systems Warehouse Automation at Quiet Logistics Kiva Systems Overview of Quiet Logistics warehouse narrated by Al Dekin, Senior Vice President, Quiet Logistics & Amy Villeneuve, President & COO, Kiva Systems.
Order Fulfillment Robot At Zappos Kiva Systems A fanciful tale about a bot in the Kentucky Derby
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