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Blinkx  Blinkx is a large and advanced video search engine. TV Video Search allows you to search the web for video and audio clips. Unlike other search providers, not only lets you search using standard keyword...
MetaSearch  MetaSearch streamlines the search process by offering clients online recruiting technology, including video interviewing and a global network of candidates who have been assessed for cultural fit with your organization.
Video Interviewing Media Search gives employers the reach and speed of the Internet combined with the professionalism and expertise of retained executive search.
Web Video 4 U  WebVideo4U develops end-to-end solutions that allow everyone — from FTSE 100 companies with locations worldwide to individuals at their desktops or other Internet-enabled devices — to create, send and receive audio,...
DocuSeek  DocuSeek is a search site for independent, documentary, educational, and social issue video and films.
Film and Video Finder DocuSeek allows you to simultaneously search several leading film distributors' complete collections, representing the highest quality documentary and...
Ourmedia  Ourmedia is a community of individuals dedicated to spreading grassroots creativity: videos, audio, photographs, text, and other works of personal media.
Ourmedia.Org Ourmedia provides free storage and free bandwidth for your videos, audio files, photographs, text, or software.
Groowe  Groowe Search Toolbar is customized for each search engine included in the list, so with each engine you will have a unique experience.
Groowe Search Toolbar Groowe Search Toolbar allows you to browse sites' categories or directories and helps you find a wanted category or directory quick and easy. Version 2.0...
P&S Koch  On September 1, 1999, Internet surfers could for the first time visit the Pandia Search Central, a site dedicated to fast and efficient Internet searching.
Pandia Video Power Search Pandia search engines integrate picture and music files in regular search results.
Seeq Network  Seeq is a leading search engine and portal network that consists of over 20 niche portals. The Seeq Network provides visitors with very specific search content and related resources, allowing visitors to utilize the...
Seeq Network Videos Seeq is a leading search engine and portal network that consists of over 20 niche portals. The Seeq Network provides visitors with very specific search...
Rainbow Graphics  Rainbow Graphics has worked hard, learning the ways of the search engines so that our clients see their pages on top instead of many pages behind, where they cannot be found.
Rainbow Graphics Video Our goal is to create award-winning sites at affordable rates; we will write, voice, and produce your personalized audio, all for one flat fee.
ImageGraphicsVideo  Computer Vision Software, Specialized CAD applications, 3D Scanning Software, Object Recognition and Tracking Software, Video Analysis & Video Analytic Software, Facial Recognition Software
Computer Vision Software ImageGraphicsVideo develops custom software for Computer Vision applications that identify, count, measure, track and analyze both faces and objects in...
Object Recognition and Tracking Software ImageGraphicsVideo develops custom software that identifies and tracks faces and objects in videos and photos of real world conditions.
BeSpacific  BeSpacific focuses on the expanding resources in the public and private sector related to law and technology news.
DealTime is a service of, Inc., a leading provider of comparison shopping services.
DealTime Videos Dealtime Videos is the only comparison shopping service that combines millions of in-depth consumer product reviews with detailed specification and pricing...
Derek Franklin Simply Brilliant 
Derek Franklin Videos Find e-books, images, videos, audio clips, articles, news stories, and more -- all related to your keyword(s).
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Executive Guide to Video Communications
Avaya Inc
The implications of video for your business are clear: customers, employees, and business partners accept video as a tool, and they even expect video as a form of communication. Real-time video collaboration in your business can tap into this growing trend, increase team effectiveness, reduce decision cycles, enhance relationship building, and of course, diminish travel costs while limiting your ...
Video Conferencing Made Affordable
VideoLive Conferences, Inc.
Businesses of all sizes are recognizing the benefits of meeting online using video web conferencing. And thanks to advances in technology, it's now more affordable than ever to hold effective online meetings to save both time and money. Even for the small or home office worker/owner.
Introduction to the Enterprise Video Market
Widen Enterprises, Inc.
Enterprise video usage has become very conspicuous over the past few years. The ability to easily and cost effectively reach out to a large audience through video webcasting and conferencing has been a major catalyst in getting enterprise markets to use video. Enterprise video is no longer seen as “nice to have” and has now started establishing itself as an integral part of everyday business. ...
About Video Web Conferencing Technology
VideoLive Conferences, Inc.
It's hard to keep up with how quickly technology is advancing. From cellphones with internet access, to notebook thin laptops, to IPod touches with music, videos, navigational features, you name it, communicating is becoming amazingly simple and affordable.
Top 5 Benefits of Video Web Conferencing
VideoLive Conferences, Inc.
Video web conferencing has many benefits for businesses looking for ways to cut costs, save time, and keep their competitive edge. It is becoming more prevalent as a way for businesses to share ideas with anyone, anywhere. So here are the top 5 benefits for implementing video web conferencing in your business:

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Audio and Video Installation at Kaminski's in San Diego Commercial Satellite Audio & Video A recent audio and video integration at a local San Diego sports bar named Kaminski's. Commercial Satellite Audio and Video installed free standing video ...
Using Video Email Net Atlantic, Inc Video engages viewers and raises engagement, including open and click rates, by 2-3x.
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