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The Kinetic ELISA Advantage in Quantitative Assays: Demonstrated with BioTek's PowerWave™ HT Microplate Reader and KC4™ Software
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
The ELISA technique introduced by Engvall & Perlmann (1971) and van Weemun and Schurrs (1971) attracted widespread interest as a sensitive, efficient, safe and inexpensive way to measure antigen-antibody reactions. Although there have been substantive improvements in the quality of reagents, solid phase plastics, and microplate photometers, washers, and statistical software, the basic methodology ...
Shimon Systems, Inc
OSs: Win2K, WinXP (Home and Pro) WiFi LANs: 802.11a/b/g; 802.11i (WPA2.0) compliant APs: Netgear WG102, Linksys WAP54G, Cisco AIRONET 1100, D-Link DWL- 7100AP , Bountiful Adapter Interfaces: INTEL Centrino, Netgear 11T, Linksys WPC11, Cisco AIRONET 350, D-Link DWL-G650 Fingerprint sensor: UPEK TouchChip, UPEK Eikon, Silex S1/S3, Fujitsu MBF200 No. of Users Supported: up to 250 Matching time: ...
An Introduction to Reactive Oxygen Species - Measurement of ROS in Cells
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) have long been known to be a component of the killing response of immune cells to microbial invasion. Recent evidence has shown that ROS play a key role as a messenger in normal cell signal transduction and cell cycling. These reactive molecules are formed by a number of different mechanisms and can be detected by various techniques. Here we briefly describe the ...
Multiplexed Assays in the Life Sciences
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
Assays in the life sciences began to hit their stride 50 years ago with the development of the radioimmunoassay (RIA) for insulin. The sensitivity provided by the [131I]- insulin competitive immunoassay allowed the quantification of physiologically relevant levels of insulin for the first time [1]. The development of monoclonal antibodies and enzyme- linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) in the ...
An Introduction to Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Technology and its Application in Bioscience
BioTek Instruments, Inc.
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) is a physical phenomenon first described over 50 years ago, that is being used more and more in biomedical research and drug discovery today. FRET relies on the distance-dependent transfer of energy from a donor molecule to an acceptor molecule. Due to its sensitivity to distance, FRET has been used to investigate molecular interactions. FRET is the ...

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