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Federal, State, and local government agencies are increasingly under pressure to satisfy information security requirements for multiple regulatory mandates including FISMA, FIPS, HIPAA, and others. One of the thorniest compliance issues facing agencies is maintaining continuous data protection for laptops in the field. Fortunately, thanks to advances in backup technologies and system architecture over the past several years government agencies of all sizes now have the means to reliably backup and restore data on laptop hard disks as part of their overall data storage and recovery operations.
Ideally, a remote backup solution should minimize or eliminate security risks by allowing IT departments to control and protect data in the field regardless of the location or condition of the laptops themselves.
Although individual agency requirements may vary, the following checklist questions provide a reliable benchmark for evaluating laptop data backup solutions:
• Is data safe?
• Is there a low impact on bandwidth during daily operation?
• Can policy and operations be centrally controlled?
• Is data 100% recoverable?
• Is the total cost appropriate to the agency’s budget?
• Is there a low potential for human error?
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