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Distribution architecture for VoIP telephony solutions White paper Ian Colville, Product Manager, Aculab

Distributed architecture for VoIP telephony solutions Whitepaper

Introduction As the initial reservations about VoIP voice quality, security and reliability fade away, this technology becomes a cornerstone of next generation, enterprise level voice-based applications and telco services. Residential VoIP is experiencing a fast market penetration and has definitely ceased to be a novel phenomenon, and corporations are looking for better ways to leverage VoIP in next generation designs.

However, this new technology trend brings a new set of challenges, with many tough choices to be made. First, the complexity of voice solutions is on the increase and contemporary applications are hardly reminiscent of those of just a few years ago. VoIP and SIP are not optional any more, but `must haves', while comprehensive support for the PSTN and SS7 is still needed. Second, marketing specifications are becoming even more demanding, with the need to reduce costs. Low price per channel, total cost of ownership, CAPEX, OPEX – this terminology suggests the key theme of requirements documents.

In this situation, solution architects constantly seek out the best practises for the integration of complex technologies, which allow seamless functionality increases without the risk of `over engineering'. On the other hand, getting 'something for nothing` is another essential system design theme, mainly in regards to reducing the solution costs without compromising the performance.
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