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Managing the Infrastructure for Optimal Application Performance
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IT professionals tasked with managing today’s dynamic and increasingly complex local- and wide-area networks are often judged by how well they can optimize availability and performance to provide a high-quality user experience.
Thanks in large part to advances in the areas of dual power supplies, failover technologies and redundant routes, maintaining an acceptable level of availability has become
easier for many organizations.

Performance, on the other hand, has proven harder to ensure.
As such, IT has in recent years shifted its focus to this critical aspect of service assurance—what it takes to ensure that applications, connections, devices and more are performing
as expected across the LAN and WAN.

In order to properly understand and optimize performance,
IT needs to first know how the network is being used, and whether this is leading to the overutilization of key resources, or even the reverse. Then, they must recognize which applications are being accessed at any given time, and by which users. And finally, it is essential that IT quickly detect the presence of any issues that might degrade network performance and prioritize their resolution to ensure optimal service delivery.
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