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As an emerging topic in IT management, “Green IT” practices are drawing high interest among IT organizations as well as suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. With the rapid run up of energy costs and a broadening awareness of the impact of global climate change, IT organizations are looking for strategies to offset rising costs and to use technology in ways that reduce their environmental impact. With the growing body of evidence demonstrating the potential return on investment (ROI) resulting from adopting Green IT approaches, leading organizations are implementing innovative solutions that reduce their utility bills and “green” their procurement practices. They also are implementing technologies that take thousands of employees off the roads. Although currently there is no standard definition for the emerging body of knowledge and best practices that are collectively reported under names such as “sustainable computing” and “green computing,” a simple working definition of Green IT can be stated as follows: Green IT is the study and practice of using computing resources in ways that help reduce energy and operating costs, enable sustainable business practices and reduce the environmental impact of IT practices in the larger community. This paper presents a summary of emerging Green IT concepts and approaches and provides an overview of key areas where IT organizations can achieve savings and provide leadership in sustainable business practices.
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