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This white paper shows the performance of the current B6T8 engine in the closed-set identification, the open-set identification and the verification scenario. All measurements were done using those two subsets of the grayscale FERET database that constitute the so-called Duplicate I test: a gallery including 1196 images of 1181 persons (for a few persons, two images are enrolled in the gallery) and a probe set of 722 images of 242 persons.

The main characteristic of this test is that the probe images and the corresponding gallery image(s) were taken in different sessions of the FERET image collection process. All images show the face in a frontal or nearly frontal pose and were taken in a setting typical for passport photographs.

The average resolution of the images is low, with an average distance between the eye centers at 65 pixels. Regarding the age differences between the images, here is a quote from the FERET DB documentation on this test: "The Duplicate I probe set holds 722 images whose matches were taken between 0 and 1031 days after the match. The median is 72 days and the mean is 251 days."

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